Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Morning Cardinal

It was one of those short nights where I went to bed late and woke up early. I woke up super early. Before 5:00 a.m. early.
I quietly descended down the stairs. Java was resting on one side of the couch, Moshi was resting on the other side of the couch, and Sakura was sleeping on a dining room chair next to the window. Sakura warbled when I kissed her, along with the other Lady Cats, on top of their heads and whispered, “Good morning.”

I peered outside the side window, into the darkness, and noticed something round. I first thought it was the beginnings of a nest.  However, I plugged in a lamp near the window. After a closer look, I realized it was a red cardinal, our red cardinal, perched on a narrow branch, sleeping right outside our window.
I have written about this cardinal before, and I believe it is the same red cardinal that stands on our windowsill and taps on the glass often, almost every single day, in every season, when I am home, whether or not the bird feeder is empty or full. The red cardinal will visit when Steve is home, but always visits when I am in the living room, and will sometimes peck incessantly on the glass, especially when I am feeling lethargic or sad. Interestingly, the cardinal does not appear often when we have company.

There is lot of symbolism with red cardinals, among other birds, and I won’t impose on your beliefs or observations. I do think, however, that in both the daylight and in the darkness before dawn, this sweet bird continues to watch over us.  I don’t believe in coincidences so much anymore, and our red cardinal is no exception. -xo




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