Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Wednesday Musings

I continue to be inspired by the resilience of my students. Despite the fact that campus should have been closed last night due to the snowstorm, five brave souls managed to make it to class last night. We covered a few concepts and engaged in thoughtful discussion about college. Despite the inclement weather, we made the best of it.

Here are a couple of websites that we use in class:

Freerice (
Sponsored by the World Food Programme (WFP), this is a great way to increase
knowledge in subjects (we use it for vocabulary), and pay it forward. For each correct answer,
10 grains of rice is donated. It's neat to see that students use it, and that they have shared the website with their kids.

Visuwords (
This is a graphic online dictionary that I found in one of my textbooks. It's a great way to find definitions, and locate similar words. I have used it as inspiration for one of my essays, and I have used it in my college classes.

I am digressing to another topic here...

Although I am intending on maintaining a personal and muse-like tone to this blog, since I started freelancing with a company called THE SEO_PROZ (through, I have been blogging, researching and and writing about online content and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  As a result of researching blogs, in most or all of my postings, I am intending on adding more of an informative component such as a book review,  a how-to, a place to visit, a recipe, a website, or a writer's prompt.  I want something eclectic and interesting for you to take away every time you visit. 

Also, please feel free to post comments, questions, and ideas. This blog is not meant to be static, but interactive.

Thank you! -xo

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