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Goodbye, Coke.

I broke up with you.  Our co-dependent affair  started years ago, and all you have done  is cause me woe.  
You caused problems  with sugar in my blood,  you wreaked havoc with swings in my mood. 
Years ago I switched  from sugar to aspartame,  but most of my symptoms have stayed the same. 
Coca-cola, we are through, Diet Coke and Coke Zero,  Goodbye to you. 
I have no regrets  about getting you  out of my way, 
except that I should  have taken this step many, many, many
years  before  yesterday. 

Scotland and England

On one hand, this is probably the worst time to venture to Europe since I took a pay cut to go back to graduate school. I am working several part-time jobs to gain experience and earn money through teaching and writing. Steve is also working very hard with two jobs, and we're grateful for the experiences and the opportunities. We've encountered some pretty heavy stuff this year, so we are currently re-assessing priorities.

I talked to a sympathetic friend who is also going on the trip, and we decided that this is the perfect time to get away. Admittedly, occasional escapism is the best medicine. Getting out of dodge is the best thing to do. We're running away from home for awhile; this trip may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We are not going to pass up on this experience, as who knows if we will ever have the chance to do this again. 
No more waiting. I'm done with being afraid as life continues to pass by. Anyway,what is life without some kind of risk? 

Mother's Day: Robin in the Flowering Crab Tree

A very intuitive bird--most likely a robin, so we are naming her Robin-- is taking residence at the Caskey-Sigety household.  Robin started building her nest about two weeks ago. She created a nifty little nest right on the downspout near my favorite tree in the front of the yard.  Robin selected a safe place to have a nest; we try to keep the Lady Cats from lunging at her from the porch and making her nervous. I say hello to Robin every morning and evening. It is really cute when she turns around and all you can see are her tail feathers and a nest. It is much like the cats when they greet us in the morning with their backsides, except that Robin is much more modest (thank goodness). Sometimes, if she is feeling flighty, Robin will fly away and take refuge in a bush or tree in the boulevard.
However, I noticed a change in Robin last night. Even though she is nervous every time we enter and exit the front porch, last night she stayed firmly in her nest. I detected the fear in her eyes…

Happy Cinco de Mayo and Post Star Wars Day

Happy Cinco de Mayo and Post Star Wars Day!

I should have had a margarita with my banana pancakes, but it wasn't noon yet. You know the old saying: one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor! (I know, I know... new material.)

Instead, I went for a nature walk to feed the tip jar. This is my monetary reward for getting my middle-aged tush off the couch. It is either a monetary reward or pasta, but then excess pasta would defeat the purpose of exercising. Perhaps I would walk more if a breadstick was affixed directly in front of me like the proverbial carrot?

I'm paying myself to walk. Does that mean I'm a streetwalker? Would that mean that I am my own pimpwalker? Lori Pimpwalker, Intergalactical Walking and Writing Geek. Perfectly ethical, legal, and moral in all fifty states, and I determine the rate of pay. 

I am using the walk and this post as healthy diversions from procrastination: elance assignments due, one more class to finish grading  next week, and I start…