Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day: Robin in the Flowering Crab Tree

A very intuitive bird--most likely a robin, so we are naming her Robin-- is taking residence at the Caskey-Sigety household.  Robin started building her nest about two weeks ago. She created a nifty little nest right on the downspout near my favorite tree in the front of the yard.  Robin selected a safe place to have a nest; we try to keep the Lady Cats from lunging at her from the porch and making her nervous. I say hello to Robin every morning and evening. It is really cute when she turns around and all you can see are her tail feathers and a nest. It is much like the cats when they greet us in the morning with their backsides, except that Robin is much more modest (thank goodness). Sometimes, if she is feeling flighty, Robin will fly away and take refuge in a bush or tree in the boulevard.

However, I noticed a change in Robin last night. Even though she is nervous every time we enter and exit the front porch, last night she stayed firmly in her nest. I detected the fear in her eyes, yet I also recognized her stoicism.  Robin stayed put, so I am guessing that the eggs will probably hatch soon if they already haven’t.  There have been a few frosty nights this May. However, due to the location of her nest, Robin seems to be adjusting very well. The strength and resilience in Robin is also the strength that I see in moms that I know and love: the stoicism and the strength to protect their young even in danger and in fear.

Soon, Robin’s eggs will hatch and she will tend to her young. When they leave the nest, so will she. There will be an empty straw nest, which will serve as a memory of spring: beautiful and fleeting. 

 I will miss Robin, and the gift that she gave me this Mother’s Day:

 a gentle reminder that life is beautiful and life is fleeting. 

 The only thing that is constant is love.


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