Friday, July 05, 2013

The Highlands of Scotland

June 13, 2013 
10:58 a.m. (Scotland time) 

Right now, we are driving through the Highlands of Scotland. There are mountains and lakes. The clouds are encapsulating the mountains with a cloudy myst. Steve happens to be driving next to me...on the right-hand side. I feel quite exposed sitting on the left. In addition, we are driving on the left-hand side of the road. This is strange and exciting at the same time.

We rented a black Kia Rio in Glasgow yesterday. So far, we have seen two medieval (pre-1600) castles and visited the Glencoe(sp?) visitor's center. They filmed part of the James Bond film Skyfall at the visitor's center.

Thursday-Fridayish June 14, 2013
Scotland time unknown

I am writing in a foreign daze. We stayed in Aberdeen last night. Our friend G. informed us that we have stayed in or travelled through five (count five) major cities in Scotland (in no particular order): Glasgow, Inverness, Stirling, Aberdeen, and Edinburgh.

In addition to five major cities, we have explored five medieval castles. We spent time in the Scottish Highlands. Our group visited Loch Ness, but alas, didn't see Nessie. She's a fickle old bird. The countryside is practically pristine, as the country is rather clean.

We noted a sign: "Please take your rubbish with you." 

I did not know that Loch meant Lake in the U.K.
I now prefer to spell "mist" with a y.
Steve said to me as we stopped with our group to view the scenery: "I never imagined driving through a field in eastern Scotland."

Me neither, love.

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