Monday, January 13, 2014

A Strange Day

It's been a strange day. I slept restlessly last night; I woke up and immediately made an appointment for hairapy. Had a good cry and a successful blowout with W the Stylist. Hairapy was particularly cathartic; I later went to Ulta and purchased makeup and hair products. That's one of the ways I remember my mother today, as she always loved to have her hair styled. She always looked good.

After hairapy and errands, I visited friends. After I visited friends and returned home, I accidentally sent my husband's cousin a lovey-dovey message. His name is right above Steve's on Google chat. After L politely responded that he was the wrong recipient, I apologized, told him to never mind and to carry on. Meanwhile, I am sure I won't live that down for awhile. Mea culpa...

I rested for a couple of hours and finished a book called First Love by James Patterson that I picked up at the 'bary today. The damn book is about cancer, but I didn't find out until halfway through. I don't care if I'm spoiling the surprise, I didn't like that one. First Love=Fail.

Steve took me to the grocery store to pick up dinner; dinner didn't stay down en route to the hospital, so the hospital visit for a family member was detoured. (Thank goodness for bags.) Now I am home sipping on ginger ale while Steve is eating dinner. The man has a stomach of steel.

I am grateful that in less than four hours that it will be January 14: a new day.

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