Sunday, March 23, 2014

Adventures in Florida: Friday, March 21

(On the inner coastal during the cruise, March 21)

(Pelican diving into the ocean, March 21)

Friday, March 21

I am losing track of time--and that's not a bad thing. We slept in, enjoyed a late breakfast, and headed out to take a two-hour lunch cruise on the inner coastal. The ship was named the Lady Atlantic, and the cruise took us to Del Ray and back. The first hour had some narration, but the second hour just featured "yacht rock" music in the background. I'm sporting my purple sleeveless dress, which is the comfort equivalent to a 21st century muumuu. But hey, suffering is optional, right?

(I'm writing this portion while waiting for the bridge to open up for the boat.)

A few things to consider when travelling to south Florida-- peak times are January 1- March 31, so if you want to avoid crowds, November/December and April/May are the best times to visit. Don't get me wrong, we've had a great time. We just noticed more crowds and traffic.

(The bridge has long sense opened.)

After the cruise, we headed to a local art/gift shop and then headed back to condoland. We then ventured out again to watch the 7:20 p.m. sunset. We shelled for a bit before and after the sunset on the ocean. (This was a different beach.) There was a flock of pelicans surfing the waves and catching dinner. We also found some amazing shells on this beach. We captured the sunset just in time on the other side in a park.

After sunset and shelling, we returned back to condoland, and packed up for the next morning. Back to Siberia on Saturday.

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