Sunday, March 23, 2014

Adventures in Florida: Thursday, March 20

(Portuguese Man-O-War, March 20, 2014)

Thursday, March 20

I suggested that we watch a sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean, so we planned to wake up early (like 6 a.m.-ugh). we loaded the blanket, chairs, picnic basket, and headed to the beach for a 7:20 a.m. sunrise. The temperature was about 60 degrees and cloudy. Fortunately, the clouds bought us extra time so we didn't miss the sunrise. It's often that we catch a sunset, but not often a sunrise. It takes a little extra effort, but the payoff is worthwhile. (Plus, going back to sleep is always an option.)

We were rewarded with a gorgeous sunrise. The waves were high this morning. We brought bags for shelling, but the shoreline looked different today than yesterday. Scattered all along the beach were these odd-looking blue shapes standing alone or mixed in with seaweed. Later, I learned that the blue blobs are referred to as The Portuguese Man-O-War, and a sting from these creatures would most likely land a person in the E.R. Steve and I combed the beach shells while avoiding the jellyfish-like land mines. We also spotted a flipper shark, so I opted to stay out of the water today. The Atlantic Ocean seemed different than the Pacific Ocean.
I can't really explain it. The water seemed saltier... and Steve and I didn't see any Man-O-Wars in California.

After about 10a.m. we packed up and headed back to Condoland. And here I am writing the first draft of this from the chair in the lanai, soaking up sunshine as a few tiny raindrops and clouds disappeared as soon as they appeared.

We though we were up early, I feel my energy returning.

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