Sunday, March 23, 2014

Adventures in Florida: Wednesday, March 19

(Shelling on the Atlantic Ocean, March 19, 2014)

Wednesday, March 19

Steve and I slept in. We did not realize how tired we were until today. We all took it easy today; first a brief jaunt on the inner coastal. The view was lovely. It was great to not have to wear a coat or a jacket. There is a place to stroll near the water, and we learned quickly that any residence near water is prime real estate.

We all had pedis (and the girls had pedis and manis). It was hilarious to watch Steve get his first pedicure. (He was a good sport.)Steve is quite ticklish, so I was quite amused watching him. Poor sweetie. His feet look very nice. (Apparently, a lot of men get pedis in Florida. It makes sense, because people mostly wear sandals.)

After the pedi/manis, we returned back to the condo and got ready to go to Palm Beach. (Note to self: do not shell right after nail grooming... my toes still look good, but I had to remove the polish from my hands later.)

Okay, back to the beach. The weather is about 80 degrees. We viewed the Atlantic Ocean. Beautiful. The sandals came off and I instantly ran to the water, jumped in the waves, and picked up shells. The combination of the salt and sunshine seemed to melt my seasonal affective disorder (SAD) away. It was good to forget about the stresses of everyday life and just be.

After we left the beach, we did a little sightseeing and drove down the coast. Oh, my goodness, were the houses on the oceanside gorgeous! After sightseeing, we returned back to clean up and go to dinner. (Fortunately, we made reservations.) We contacted out friends from Stuart, and they met with us to go to dinner.

The restaurant was called The Banana Boat. We sat outside near the water. Great food; great company. Our friends came back to Condoland,and we chatted on the lanai well into the evening while fam went to play Bocce. After our friends left, Steve and I turned in for the night.

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