Monday, March 10, 2014

SADness and Star Poem

One of the benefits of stargazing in the dead of winter is that it inspires me to write. Since I am struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)this winter, I wrote this poem--and my SADness-- out. Admittedly, it is dark, but it is a poem about resilience. It's okay just to be--dim is brighter than night.

Dim is Brighter than Night(in the Supernova)

When I have fallen
into that dark place,
free falling
towards that yawning
hole of hell,
plummeting into the
blinding abyss
not blinding
because of the light--
but because of
the absence of it.

Free falling
into a supernova
where stars dissipate
and die,
it's not my time
so, I hold on
to a glimpse of light
I hold on
to a glimpse of light.

Dimness resonates
and manages
to shine on
for another day;
I cannot, I do not
fall into the supernova;
and somehow I find
a glimmer of light,
because all stars
will eventually die
But, it's not my time
to light the night sky.

So, when Jupiter
and the Pleiades
fade into the winter sky,
one day, again,
in spring,
I will shine again
But, for now,
dim is brighter than night--
in the supernova.

LCS/February 2014

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