Sunday, February 21, 2016

Fitness Weekend


Well, I did it. My walking and yoga DVDs are collecting dust, and I was rather anxious and depressed this past week. So, I drove over to the local Planet Fitness and snagged myself a membership. There was even a free black t-shirt involved. Awesome! Thank you, D., for posting your statuses on Facebook--your posts encouraged me to sign up. Plus, I have a guest pass, so I can bring Steve or a friend with me. Some of my local friends go there as well, so that is additional motivation! I am confident that working out will give me more motivation to play, teach, work, and write.

I worked out on Saturday; I plan to visit Planet Fitness again ASAP!

Today (Sunday) I participated in a 45-minute walk with BMC for St. Margaret's House. It is a local nonprofit organization that helps women and children in need. There were so many people there today. What a celebration! After the walk, we were invited to tour St. Margaret's House. They also had hot chocolate, water, and cookies for participants and volunteers. If you are interested in learning more, visit

In the photo below are three of us after the walk! :) Have a good week!

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