Thursday, May 12, 2016

Adventures at the BMV

This version of the blog was written in hard copy while riding the stationery bike at Planet Fitness. (I burned 107 calories.) Yesterday, I accidentally tossed my driver's license into the trash. (I was cleaning the equipment after working out.)Today, I jokingly told the worker at the Indiana BMV(Bureau of Motor Vehicles) that I must have subconsciously hated my license photograph so I threw it away. The BMV lady (BMVL) didn't even crack a smile. I might as well have been talking to Siri, or Betty, my mean GPS. At least they had more personality. I will say in her defense that BMVL called me over before I sat down. I asked BMVL how her day was going. She ignored me. She just kept with the script. Lady, just treat me like a person! I'm not a number!

I had to take my mug shot three times. It felt like a damn mug shot. Why don't I wear stripes and carry a number? Teeth covered. Chin down. Ears out. Face straight. The license photograph is the antithesis of a selfie. I used to enjoy going to the BMV to get my photo taken. Now I dread it, thanks to the ass (or the commune of stinky asses) who decided to not allow people to smile. We are not all criminals; stop treating us like we are! It is as bad as going to the pharmacy to buy cold medicine. A couple of bad people ruined it for everyone. Talk about punishing the class for the sins of a few.

Oh, dear readers, it gets better from here. BMVL checks my information. Yes, I am an organ donor. She doesn't mention anything until my weight. She glances over me accusingly and says that my weight needed to be changed. Bitch, I thought. You are fat shaming me at the BMV and you have NO business shaming anyone. Look in the mirror. I gave her another number. It's still not the real one, but it's none of her business--or the government's business--what I weigh. I will write her supervisor in a letter. Don't question a woman about her weight on her license!!!! Also, weight fluctuates.

This experience lit a fire within myself. I am angry with myself for allowing myself to not be in the ideal shape, so I am going to change that.
I am hereby turning my pissivity into positivity.

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