Saturday, June 04, 2016

Poetry Garden

Happy June! It's been a little soggy the last couple of days. That is good for the yard. I meant to post earlier, but life happens. So, here's the blog. Enjoy!

On a whim, since I've been writing so many poems recently, I decided to add that component to our garden. So, I decided to paint the flower box and the birdhouse purple. Perhaps I am paying homage to Prince. I was drawn to the dark, lovely shade of purple. Before my anxiety (and perhaps some common sense) grabbed a hold of me, I worked through it and took a chance. It's only paint, right? The end result was pretty good. The only change I made (thanks to Steve) was that I painted the words with white paint instead of black. (The black paint did not show up well and the scribble looked ominous.) Doing something creative in the yard has inspired me to do the other mundane stuff, like cleaning and pulling weeds.

Bushes,flowers,fruits,plants,trees,vegetables,and words work well together, probably because greenery appeals to the senses. Gardening and writing is a popular combination. The writers Wendell Berry, Robert Frost, Gwen Frostic, Henry David Thoreau, and Walt Whitman are only a few I can think of that combined their love of farming and of nature with poetry or prose. (There are so many more that I need to discover! Please share with me your favorites!)


TheRandLGroupLLC Reeds said...

Gardening + Poetry = Mix blessing, with the sunshine of your own experience Lolo.
Enjoyed your blog.


Lori said...

Thank you, Cynth'ya! Sending love. <3

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