Monday, September 05, 2016

Anniversaries, Weekend, and Bug Zapping

Hello! I can't believe it's September 5 already! I missed the entire month of August on the blog. Happily,I've been blogging at the Middlebury Community Public Library, and recently, I started a couple of Instagram accounts (one for me, one for the 'bary). It's been fun.

It's been a crazy, fun, exhausting, and exhilarating two months! Today I am celebrating two anniversaries: 1) eleven years on the Marimba and Ice blog; and 2) two months at my new library gig. Time flies! Speaking of flies, or rather, mosquitoes...

This weekend was gorgeous, so Steve and I spent most of it outside with friends. Saturday night was Rock Band Night. It's been forever and a day since we played Rock Band. It was fab. Kenny captured me rocking out to Rob Zombie (hence the lovely photograph).

Sunday, Steve and I attended a birthday party. I was able to stay later than he. I discovered a new toy--the bug swatter. It looks like a tennis racket, and it zaps any bug that you swat. I played with one and chased bugs in front of the window like Renfield was chasing bugs in Dracula while people were singing "Happy Birthday" to our friend. I'm sure that would have made a hilarious photograph.

Anyhoo, after dinner tonight (Monday), Steve and I went to the store, bought bird seed and my new bug swatter. Unfortunately, my aim wasn't perfect-- I was still chewed up by the mosquitoes. In fact, there is a bottle of aloe vera chilling in the fridge so I can get relief from the bites. Mosquitoes: 1; Lori: 0. However, it was satisfying to zap a few of those pests.

Have a good week!

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