Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday Night Musings


I am stunned that October is nearly over. I cannot believe how time passes. I've been at this new library gig for a few months now and I absolutely love it.

First things first.
Let this stupid Presidential election be over already! I feel sorry for the historians who will have to document these debates. All three of them were ugly. I yelled at the television during the first debate, played presidential debate bingo during the second debate, and imbibed cheap wine during the third debate. Ick. Ugh. If I didn't have cool things going on here in the states, I would be moving to Europe. Preferably England or Scotland. Anyway, if you know me well enough, you probably know who I would vote for. That's all I'm going to say here.I'm staying as neutral as I can.

Second of all, the past couple of months have been great for reconnecting with friends from the past--even as far back as high school. I participated in an informal band reunion, a CAbi (clothing) party with high school peeps, a poetry night in a new venue, and a surprise birthday party for a friend and former band mate. I rode up to the party with a dear friend I haven't seen for awhile. It's good to reconnect with family and friends.

There are others Steve and I miss dearly. I know too much time goes by, and then it is awkward to reach out.
Sometimes I'm too afraid. I shut down and I can't. Fear does that to a person.

What is beautiful is that at this point in our lives, no one cares so much about drama. It's like a facade or a mask that cracks and disintegrates with the passing of time. At this point, most people don't care and don't judge. At this point, we're happy to see each other again. We're alive. That is one of the advantages of aging--we're just happy to be breathing and eating well and drinking good wine.
Life's too short for size six.

That's all for now. Will post current pics soon. Much love! Thank you for reading. xoxo

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