Saturday, November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving and 20th Blog Posting!

Hello there, Happy Thanksgiving weekend and happy bloggy anniversary! This is my 20th post! I can't believe it. It's been so much fun and thank you for visiting, reading, and/or responding to my blog. Having an audience inspires me to write more often and to share my life experiences. (Some are probably more TMI-too much information-than others, but it makes it real and hopefully amusing for you.) I also try to be a better writer because you take the time to read my posts. :) I've had a great weekend so far. My jeans are only barely bursting. One time... in high school...a pair of jeans actually split while I was visiting a friend...remember, Janna? So awful then, so funny now reflecting on it...and it least it wasn't during band camp...which I did suffer through, but that's another blog. Actually, that could be a book. Back to the subject at hand... food. Steve and I had a great Thanksgiving. So quiet and relaxing... we travelled to Mom and Dad's for a Martha-esque traditional dinner. I'm still chowing down on leftovers. I missed my sister and brother-in-law, but they were in Chicago and the roads were terrible. So I'm glad they stayed put and safe. My in-laws were under the weather and I missed them, too... but I am thankful Dad did not share his cold with us. Steve and I worked on Black Friday (I guess retail is ok this year)and Saturday I went to taekwondo and took it easy (I was tired). Then Steve and I went to friends' house and ate and engaged in electronic gaming. Tomorrow I have lunch with a friend and then work at another library. My next day to relax is on Wednesday! More later! Love, Lolo xoxo

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Library Skating and Taekwondo

Hello there, It was an interesting, white-knuckle morning. I must send flowers or chocolates to the folks who plow the roads. My first scary skating adventure of the season. Glad Greenie and I made it unscathed. Steve took me to taekwondo tonight--the first time after surgery. I am breathing so much better now! Although I am a bit tired, I feel really good about it. I am a yellow belt working towards my orange belt. And I received a private lesson and took it easy. I'm enjoying this so much! More later... have a safe and fun and restful Thanksgiving! Love, lolo xoxo

Monday, November 21, 2005

Weekend Musings

Hello there, It was a great weekend. Friday I had lunch with a friend from work and then ran a lot of errands. Very productive! I then fell asleep on the couch for two hours. Then I finished writing an essay for ByLine Magazine for the department of First $ale. My writer friend Cynth'ya is editing it for me. Will send out after I am released from medical leave (on Monday). I hope the editor will accept it. On Saturday Steve and I attended a birthday party for my dear friend's twins. It was so much fun! Unfortunately, I was so very tired (from healing snout). Took a two-hour nap. Steve woke me up and then we saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was wonderful! My only concern was the number of small children that were at the theatre with us that night. Oh my gosh, it is a PG-13 movie! People die in this movie! It's definitely an older tween/teen movie. Sunday I went to TaeKwonDo to visit the Sponsellers. It was great to see them! I purchased the manual and DVD set. I think it will help me practice my moves better. I will resume Hi-YA-ing on Wednesday. I also went out in the yard for a couple of hours to rake a bit and put away yard ornaments and wood trellises for the season. It was nice to take care of that, since my poor yard has been neglected so much this year. Next year, gardening will be so much fun since I will have a head start! After chatting on the phone with Mom and then with a friend, Steve and I also rented Kinseyand had a restful afternoon/evening. In my opinion, Dr. Kinsey was a bit on the kinky side, but his research was interesting. The movie was good- I liked how the relationship evolved between Dr. and Mrs. Kinsey. I recommend this movie. More later... need to gear up and get ready for library today! I'm off to see the wizard! Wish me luck! Love, Lolo xoxo

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Snowy Day

Hello there, It's been an interesting week weather-wise. I woke up this a.m. and there's a couple of inches of snow on the ground! It's beautiful. And cold! It was 60 degrees on Tuesday. I wrote a haiku about it: November snowfall steals color of warm thunder- gray storms yesterday. Have a beautiful snowy day! Love, Lolo xoxo

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Tales From the Snout--My Gauze is Finally Out!

Hello there, I am slowly but surely feeling better. The bronchitis is almost gone, and my sinuses feel strangely hollow and clear. It's like an echo in my face. Very strange. I can actually breathe out of my nose. Yay! Before you read this, please make sure your stomach is not too queasy... some of the details may be a little gruesome. You have been warned! ;P I had my post-op visit yesterday. No one warned me that this intimate snout picking with a stranger session would hurt worse than the iv injected in my arm! The nurse practitioner (np) was so very kind... She squirted something anesthetic up both of my nostrils to numb them (HA!). Then she had to open my nose with pliers and stick a metal rod in there to see what delights were hidden inside! She caught a nose hair (OUCH!) (Snout Tip: Be sure to groom all snout hairs carefully before intimate snout picking session.) Then the excruciating part happens. (Enter scary movie music.) She takes another rod and has to take the gauze out. (The gauze is a sticky gel). I screamed like a banshee as the np pulls out this massive clump of gel out of my left nostril. Congratulations! I have just given birth to the world's largest booger! (I am registered at the nearest pharmacy if you want to buy me Kleenex for my newest arrival.) Thank goodness the gauze in my right sinus cavity is gone. (Don't ask me where it went... I'm glad I didn't have to deliver twins.) All in all, this whole surgery business went really smoothly. I would have gone through it again. And I will be released on medical leave and ready to return to civilization on Monday with a clear head and clean nostrils. (It's about time-I have the daytime television schedule memorized.) More Later! Love, Lolo xoxo

Monday, November 14, 2005

Tales from the Snout-The Telephone Game

Hi there, I've been feeling okay. The sinus sugery part is fine. In fact, I'm not even needing Tylenol. Unfortunately, since I can't blow my nose, it's all draining into my ears and down into my chest. Sunday morning I wake up and it feels like Jack the cat was sitting on my chest. "Trouble breathing" was one of the symptoms of a call to my surgeon. I am suspecting bronchitis is the culprit. 10:02 a.m.: I dial the number on my post-op sheet. There's a 30-minute call back to the message center. They pass on the call to my surgeon. The young lady who took my call was very hurried, and said she would pass on the call and I would be called back. She wrote down my number (so I thought). It sounded like she transferred me to him, because I hear a click-click and an annoying beep-beep busy signal. Confused, I call back and she said we don't directly transfer you to the surgeon. He'll call me back. Between 10:10 a.m. and 2:00p.m. I wait. And I start a new stitching project-a pillowcase. (We went out Saturday night to dinner and to a few stores--I may have over-extended myself.) And I wait. And stitch. And wait. And stitch. And wait. As I am becoming more frustrated, I accidentally stitch the ends of the pillowcase together. Grrr. I pull out the stitches (have you heard of the stitch n bitch books?) I am not swearing, this is an actual book series. But anyway, I wanted to join the group. I was stitching and I was, well, you know... 2:00p.m.I finally call back. And I am not a happy camper. And I am not breathing any better. A kindly elderly gentleman answered the telephone. I admit my tone was a little, well, surly (for me anyway) and he was really nice. This is where we found out the first person wrote my number down wrong. He tells me if I don't get a call-back, to please call back. 2:45p.m. No call. With the proverbial steam coming out of my ears, I call. The poor lady on the message center (not the earlier one-this is the third one I have today)catches some of my wrath. She is very kind and apologetic. She said she will call him to call the message center to make sure the phones are working. 3:00p.m.. My surgeon calls, very kind and apologetic. His cell phone was messed up and the telephone number he received was incorrect. (In his defense, he did try to return my call. He was misinformed.) He was going to call in prednisone to reduce swelling in my nose and bronchial tubes. We gave him the correct number on the prescription tube on my vial. He said he was going to call and Steve could pick up the script in a few minutes. Great. Problem solved. 3:15p.m. Steve leaves for the pharmacy (2nd time today--1st was to buy a new thermometer.) He comes home a half-hour later empty-handed. No record of script on file at that location or other ones yet. She informed Steve she would call back before 6p.m. if the script request arrives. We thought we just jumped the gun. 5:00p.m. Fuming and stitching and still coughing, I call the pharmacist back. No word on the script. They close at 6p.m. but another location is open 24 hours. (It's a good thing I wasn't dying!) I was done. After disconnecting, I tossed the telephone on the couch and handed this mess over to Steve. I wasn't feeling well and just about to lose my temper at this point. I don't think it was wise at this point for me to be talking to anyone. Except I call Mom a few times to stitch and .....(We have call waiting.) 5:30p.m. Steve calls the message center. They pass on the message. 6:00p.m. My surgeon calls back. He is very apologetic and confused, as he called in the prescription hours ago. He calls the 24 hour pharmacy. 6:30p.m. Steve leaves for the pharmacy. His third trip out. What a saint. 7:30pm. Steve arrives with the script. Hallelujah. I choke down six prednisone for the first day's dose. Now maybe I can breathe. This may have been a frustrating Sunday, but it makes for an interesting blog. Lolo xoxo

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Insomnia, Coffee Spillage, Morning Musings, and Snuffling

Hello there, It's interesting that it is 6:47a.m. and still dark outside. I'm drinking yummy decaf cawfee in hopes to fall back asleep. Had one of those nights tossing and turning and thinking... dangerous. So instead of being the thrashing queen, I haul myself out of warm bed and start doing stuff. Putting money in the checkbook, finding out bills that need to be paid (Yikes!), sending off emails, trimming the FAT (File, Act, Toss. Something I learned in clutter control class. Yes, I've attended one of those classes). Hmmmm, I'm starting to see the wood again on my dining room table. It's a pretty color. Cannot type and slurp coffee at same time. Last remnants of coffee dribble down left side of pink cat's pajamas. A-ha! This is why I switched to warm diet coke in bottles with CAPS on it. Drifted back into kitchen, wiped off stain and grabbed corn bread muffin from kitchen. Thank you, Mom! (She made those for us a couple days ago. Now the poor woman is stricken with pneumonia. Please send her warm wishes for a quick recovery). I'm recovering... the bread cover is done and not half-bad. Now I need to drive to the craft place to have another fun, quiet, still project (still too ouchy to read.) I'm very sniffly and snuffly. I cannot wait to blow my nose. (You'll sleep better tonight,knowing that, won't you?) First they starve me before surgery and then they won't let me have the simple relief of blowing my nose afterwards. So I snuffle. And sneeze. And snuffle. It's gross. (Snuffle) It is starting to look like morning outside. And I'm finally getting sleepy. So it's time for me to try to rest. (Snuffle)Thanks for reading! More later. (Snuffle) Love, Lolo xox (snuffle)o

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Surviving Snout Surgery

Hello, I'm back! It feels great to be able to eat again. And the surgery went very smoothly. I hardly had any bleeding and Dr. Sabato put gel in my nose rather than gauze. So I don't look like a freak show! I am a bit swollen and sore, but there's wonderful medicine to help with the pain. I know this will be worth it! Love, Lolo

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Snout Carving Today

Hello Kids, Carving day is here! And hopefully my sinuses will feel much better after this procedure is over. I do eschew the fact that they starve you to death before they knock you out.(My surgery is scheduled at 2p.m.) I haven't eaten since last night at 9:30p.m., so I am a bit hungry. I had to turn off the boob tube because Kelly Ripa kept talking about FOOD! Although I am not necessarily a cake person, chocolate cake sounds marvelous! Even looking at the cat food in my kitchen was making my stomach growl. Do you notice food looks bigger when you are hungry? The red apples in the silver bowl on my counter look like full red moons. Maybe I'll just sniff the apples. Or does a lick count? Apple licking, this could be a new hobby. Hmmm... best stay out of the kitchen this morning. Shall I have more cheese with my w(h)ine? mmm...cheese...stinky cheese...fromage...cheese pizza...At least I can slurp down my diet coke until 11:00a.m. (which is about 40 minutes away). I will pretend that my diet coke is a huge plate of pasta with marinara sauce and warm bread and warm CHEESE! The next time I will be blogging I will have cotton rammed up my nose and wearing gauze called a "moustache" (lovely!) I'll also have pain medicine, so I'm sure my blogs will be interesting! Thank you for all of your prayers and happy wishes! Love, Lolo

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Breaking boards and Cross-stitching

Happy Sunday, I am sitting here in my flannel jammies cross-stitching a bread-basket cloth cover for Mom for Thanksgiving.It's freaking my friends out that my domestic streak (like my grey wisdom strands)is showing through. It's been a quiet day. This weekend I finished up my first week of bun training (library manager training). So far,so good. On Friday night at Tae Kwon Do we were able to break boards! I broke two boards with two kicks. It was a great feeling! And my heels hardly hurt. On Saturday I attended class and was promoted to yellow belt! Yeah! So far, I've had a white belt, a white-yellow belt, and now a yellow belt. The next one is an orange belt. :) I go to work tomorrow for a couple hours, then Tae Kwon Do, and then the big fast before sinus surgery on Tuesday. I'm just now getting nervous, but am looking forward to afterwards! I'm sure I'll be blah blah blahing on my blog blog blog! Anyhoo, have a great week! lolo xoxo

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween and Snout Carving

Hello, I've been bad lately about blogging and writing in general. It's for a happy reason, though... I started a new position as a Manager of a Branch Library. I'm in training, reading policy manuals, and finishing up at the north. It's all exciting, and then next week, snout carving time! I am looking forward to a new sniffer that works! Thank goodness I will be sequestered at home... I'm going to look lovely with a box of gauze rammed up my nose! (Too bad Halloween wasn't NEXT week. I'd have a ready-made costume...) Steve and I went to only one Halloween party this year (we're turning into geezers). Not enough energy for two parties. Steve was Bela Lugosi and I was an angel with a halo, wings, and yes, a little red tail (I never said I was a PERFECT angel.) More later... Good night!

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