Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Itsy Bitsy Resilient Spider


This is Charlotte the Spider. She spun a web over my climbing flower trellises on the side of the house. At first I thought she fell during a recent storm but she showed her resilience by spinning a newer and stronger web. One can take important lessons from Charlotte. Spin a web. If it breaks, spin a newer and stronger one.
It is October 10 and starting to feel like autumn. Thank goodness! I read an interesting book entitled The Elevator by Angela Hunt. It's about three women who are stuck in an elevator during a hurricane. It's inspirational, but not-in-your-face-preachy-teach. Thanks to my patron friend who recommended this to me.
Our writer's group met last Saturday evening. It was fun with the four of us. I am being accountable to them and having a draft of my book ready for them by the next meeting which is in November.

More Later!

Love, Lolo

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VikingMoose said...

mmmm. that was some pig...




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