Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

(Lori and Steve at Sunny's 2008)
It's been a lovely day. Literally. The weather proved ideal for driving around and seeing fam and friends. Steve and I arrived at Chez Caskey before noon. We visited with my sis and brother-in-law, and Mom and Dad. We had a promising prognosis for Mom the day before so we are SO THANKFUL! Thank God. Dad is turning out to be a terrific cook. I helped with setting the table (that's usually my job... Scorch is safely out of kitchen's harm.) Then some of us (including me) took a serious food coma siesta. I crashed on the couch by the fireplace and passed out. Still tired from moving out week. Later, we viewed a movie entitled Tropic Thunder. (We usually pick non-traditional flicks for Turkey Day.) During some of the scenes I nearly laughed off the couch. Despite the fact that I am not a Tom Cruise fan, he played his role well. If you're thinking of renting this movie, take heart: it's non-PC. It's sick and wrong. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Tomorrow we need to take Mojo back to the Humane Society. It's a no-kill shelter now, so we're glad we're not placing him on death row. He needs a one-cat household. Like I've mentioned before, he's injured Latte, he's injured me (I'm sporting a bruise from a nice bite on my wrist), and he soiled several rooms (including my music studio.) We're going to try to sponsor him. It will be sad. Steve and I will miss his gravelly meows and the way he cozies up to us. But it will all work out and we will be grateful to have our house back.
I wanted to add one more thing: I am most thankful for Steve. Not only is he a terrific husband, he is the kindest soul anyone will ever know. He is a great son (and son-in-law), brother-in-law, and friend to so many people. I am fortunate he is in my life. Now that I will horrify Steve when he views this blog entry (he just LOVES to be center of attention) and you're ready to regurgitate your holiday leftovers, I'll stop. But Steve does rock. He's the best.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend!:)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

RAT, Cats and Marcia Marcia Marcia

(RAT in Snow LCS 2008) (RAT in Mansion LCS 2008)
(Lori and Java SJS 2008)
(Lolo and Mojo SJS 2008)
Steve and I traveled with my in-laws and my folks to Tippecanoe Place for an early Thanksgiving. Mom and Dad will be coming back from Indianapolis on Wednesday with a possible chemo treatment, so she won't be up for celebrating with all of us on Thanksgiving. Let's pray for a good (meaning stable) prognosis. Anyway, the six of us enjoyed a delicious brunch together. (Plus, I carried RAT in my purse, so Steve and I snapped a couple of photos for M. :P)
Afterwards, we worked out at Fitness USA. I'm stoked that I figured out how to turn the iPOD off and that the earplugs are actually earbuds. I am so 21st century!
Then we were on cat patrol. Latte is still in isolation and Mojo is still being beastly. (Steve found a box of books that Mojo had tinkled on. Not a good thing.) We are convinced that Java is the only sane creature in this household! She just perches on top of the couch and watches the drama unfold. Tonight (in-between taking over the computer as usual) I hung out with Latte upstairs and finished the book entitled Here's the Story by Maureen McCormick. She's led an interesting life as a child star and an actress. It's a good, popular read. Tomorrow starts the move-out at the Plywood Palace. I get to dress down in jeans and a sweatshirt. Should be fun and a good workout. Have a good week!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Saturday Afternoon in the Animal ER

(Miss Latte LCS 2008)
(Latte in Steve's Arms LCS 2008)
Can you tell who is Latte's favorite human? Pretty disgusting, if you ask me. :) More cat drama chez Sigety. Steve examined Latte today and noticed a quarter-sized wound on the left side of her hip. He called the Animal ER and the vet said to bring her in, because it could be infected. So, we placed her in the cat carrier, and in-between "peeps" from Latte, we drove her to the animal hospital. (I had a feeling of dread, because the last time we drove here it was with Jack.) Ironically, they placed us in the same yellow examining room 1.
Sure enough, the kindly vet confirmed it was an abscess. Latte purred throughout the visit, except when they took her temperature and when they shaved her to clean the wound. She is such a good sport. Latte is now upstairs in my music studio, with her own litter box, food, water, and blankets, and toys for comfort. Poor baby. The vet at this clinic does NOT recommend sedation of cats, because he said it doesn't solve the fighting cat problem, it just makes the cats drowsy. He told us to keep using the pheromone spray and in fact to spray each cat with it. We'll have to monitor Latte and Mojo so they stop fighting. At least they've stopped peeing everywhere. And I 'm grateful Java is not involved. She just smacks Mojo and he runs away with his tail between his legs. We'll see what happens.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Eve of the Last Day at the Plywood Palace

(LaSalle Branch 1 LCS 2008)
It's the eve of the last day at the Plywood Palace. As I cleaned out what seems like hundreds and hundreds of files, I found a slightly bent key to a locked mysterious bottom drawer. I opened it and turned the key. Inside I found more interesting files! Schedules way back to 1998 (I only have to keep them for three years), obsolete information, old photographs and programs for the current (now old) LaSalle Branch! How cool is that? I'm totally saving them to add digitally and then use the rest for a scrapbook. Looking back on three years of management at this library, I gained a lifetime of experiences, lessons, and memories. I look forward to completely moving out next week, moving on, and then moving back to a new (and lovely) LaSalle Branch.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Snow, Korean Cuisine, James Bond,and Yowlfest 2008

(RAT in Sunny's Korean Restaurant LCS 2008) (RAT in Sake LCS 2008)
(Mojo Sprawled out on Couch LCS 2008)
(Mojo Sprawled Out II LCS 2008)
It's the first snow of the winter season. I'm itching to pull out my ice skates soon and hit the rink. I have been hitting the treadmill and the bicycle, so I am getting my exercise. Saturday night Steve and I dined with friends at our favorite Korean restaurant. We love Sunny's!
RAT joined us too, as you see her nose in the sake. It's a good thing we pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves, otherwise I'd be explaining why I'm taking digital photographs of a plastic rat with a pink bow on her neck.
Afterwards, most people saw a blues band, I promised Steve we'd see the new James Bond movie. It was good and Daniel Craig was meow-ish! A friend from the group joined us to see the movie, too.
Speaking of meow, cat wars are still going strong at the Sigety household. During yowlfest, Latte and Mojo managed to soil the downstairs carpeting, our bedspread, a couple of pillows, and our mattress AFTER the bedspread was taken off to be sent far away to dry cleaning. After deciding NOT to send both clowns back to the circus (Java is watching the whole thing and not bothered in the least, still with the I told you so gleam in her eyes), the bedroom door is closed for good and deemed a no cat zone. I am taking back my house. Hopefully, the fur beasts will calm down. Otherwise, there will be serious sedation, not sure if it will be Steve or the cats that will have to be sedated from all the madness! Stay tuned for more updates on Yowlfest 2008!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mojo the Beast and Other Friday Night Musings

(Naughty Mojo LCS 2008)
I am now referring to my newest family fur member as Mojo the Beast. He is acting rather beastly tonight. He is doing the same thing in the photograph that Jack used to do. Java and Latte never jump up there. I need to find the squirt gun because he keeps scratching the couch (I did place the scratching post next to his current favorite scratching spot.) He knocked over my CDs in the music room and he tortured Latte (although she hissed and swatted at him first.) I am hoping that Mojo will calm down. He is very very cute when he is not jumping up on my dining room table or climbing on books in the office, or lying down on my blanket and deciding to completely groom himself next to me. Gross. He is lovable, however, and his cuteness is his saving grace right now. Sweet Java and I are looking at eachother. She's giving me the look like "It's YOUR fault, YOU brought him home." Now Mojo is snuggling and warbling next to me. He has me wrapped around his snowy white paw.
I visited Fitness USA and worked out for almost an hour and burned almost 200 calories. I brought the iPod but forgot the earplugs. That's a problem. I did bring a book entitled
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows.
It's a historical fiction novel written in letters. It stars a writer in post World War II. It's really interesting. It's great to read when using the stationery bike; it's a little harder on the treadmill.
I am planning to go back to taekwondo after the holidays. Life should be a little simpler then.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mojo Madness

(Sleepy Mojo LCS 2008) (Mojo Resting LCS 2008)
(Mojo Face LCS 2008)
It's been interesting at home. Mojo certainly livens up Chez Sigety. I am wondering if Java and Latte will forgive us for bringing home this beastly young creature. (They're probably thinking that hey, the humans have to sleep sometime...and then the claws and teeth will come out.) Actually, Mojo has a little claw mark on the bridge of his nose. He's been struck down by the wrath of Latte. I've never seen Latte's ears flatten so much or yell so loudly. But Mojo is settling down a bit. If I was caged up in a shelter since March, I would have issues too. Call it post traumatic shelter syndrome. Poor Mojo. Java is taking it all quite well. She hisses and Mojo runs away. We actually snapped a few shots of Mojo in a brief moment of rest. It's so cute. Mojo is a bit clumsy, as he is pretty much all limbs and whiskers. More later. Hopefully the home front will calm down just a bit as we all adjust.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rat with Bling and Mojocat on the Loose

(Rat with Bling LCS 2008)
I ratnapped my friend's plastic rat from the Centre Township Branch and promised to take photos to show her where Rat has been. Well, Rat was playing with jewelry on the first night of my soiree.
I worked over 20 hours in the last two days working on my library gig and my second jewelry soiree, which I am grateful for both, but I am a little slap happy at this point, and therefore rambling on and on about plastic rats.With bling. Perhaps it could be a sleep-deprived hallucination?
We let Mojo out of the studio after I returned home from the neighborhood group meeting tonight. It is interesting. He is warbling and meowing constantly. He also terrorized Latte and she responded in kind. RAWR! Claws and screaming and in-the-air gymnastics, but no scratch marks and no blood. Mojo is ALL over the place. Java is under the couch right now. I can hear the occasional growl from both girls as he passes them by. Someone had a slight accident on the floor. I'm glad we didn't change the carpeting yet. Mojo also needs to learn how to be a gentleman. He has tried to scratch our couch twice now. So much for a restful evening, but it's interesting. And Mojo's so cute.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Introducing Mojo

(Mojocat in the Studio LCS/2008)
Mojo is my early Christmas present. :) Today we visited the Humane Society and picked up our kitty. Mojo and Steve immediately hit it off, thank goodness. The poor cat was neutered yesterday, so he has to wear a cone around his neck for ten days so he can heal. Also, he is sequestered in my music studio, so we've been taking turns snuggling with him and trying to keep him calm. We are making sure Java and Latte are getting adequate love, too.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happy November Posting :)

(Tree Cross in Woods LCS 2008) "A diamond, however, retains its strength and clarity no matter how many waves crush down upon it. The man of inner peace, similarly, his consciousness made crystalline by inner calmness, retains his equanimity through even the storms of mighty trials."
-Paramhansa Yogananda.
Good morning. This is my first November post of 2008. November is definitely looking up, and I think (no, I KNOW) 2009 is going to be a stellar year. A year of positive change. Tuesday night, with the assistance of dear Steve, I hosted my premiere Lia Sophia jewelry soiree and started my sideline business with a dear friend I coin "my jewelry Mom." It was so much fun to see my friends and fam just hang out, listen to jazz, and play with bling. I am looking forward to the prospects.
I finished a book called How to Be Happy All the Time by Paramhansa Yogananda. The book talks about happiness and how bliss is Divine and starts from the inside out, using internal rather than external forces. It makes sense and inspired me. He also wrote Autobiography of a Yogi and I will need to check that out, too.
Another source of good news is that I visited the Humane Society and fell in love. With a cat. Who looks like Jack's brother. I swear I wasn't looking for another Morris cat (orange and white), but Milo meowed LOUDLY at me the first minute I looked at him. The attendant opened the cage and it was all over from there. I held him in my arms. He licked my arm, my cheek, my newly styled hair (hairapy yesterday), crawled on my shoulders, down my back, and started kneading. It was all over. In fairness, we put Milo back in his cage for a second to look at the other cats. I went back to him and he put his paw out to me. I think Jack may have sent me to him, because I did not plan to go to the Humane Society yesterday. I just did. I put a hold on him(he's getting neutered on Friday) and Steve needs to see him on Saturday. Milo is 2 1/2 years old and has been at the shelter since March. Will give you an update on the adoption process. :)

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