Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mojo Madness

(Sleepy Mojo LCS 2008) (Mojo Resting LCS 2008)
(Mojo Face LCS 2008)
It's been interesting at home. Mojo certainly livens up Chez Sigety. I am wondering if Java and Latte will forgive us for bringing home this beastly young creature. (They're probably thinking that hey, the humans have to sleep sometime...and then the claws and teeth will come out.) Actually, Mojo has a little claw mark on the bridge of his nose. He's been struck down by the wrath of Latte. I've never seen Latte's ears flatten so much or yell so loudly. But Mojo is settling down a bit. If I was caged up in a shelter since March, I would have issues too. Call it post traumatic shelter syndrome. Poor Mojo. Java is taking it all quite well. She hisses and Mojo runs away. We actually snapped a few shots of Mojo in a brief moment of rest. It's so cute. Mojo is a bit clumsy, as he is pretty much all limbs and whiskers. More later. Hopefully the home front will calm down just a bit as we all adjust.

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VikingMoose said...

oh, harro kitteh.

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