Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Poem: Enter the Geek Fish Nation

It's 5:00 a.m. Do you know where your poems are? I'm attempting to get this one onto the screen. Some of the humorous Barbie doll poetry at ArtPost inspired me to write this one. Hope you find it amusing or at least "fishy." Enter the Geek Fish Nation One winter, at the time the seventies morphed into the eighties and our subdivision consisted of houses sparsely sprinkled across a prairie, two minnows lived harmoniously in my blue Barbie Dream Pool. Rescued minnows from impending doom potential bait for an ice fishing excursion, promptly named Marvin and Merlin, by name alone enter the geek fish nation trendsetting minnows before geek morphed into cool. Marvin and Merlin did not really belong in a country club dream pool, where Barbie and Ken once dipped plastic toes and had Barbie doll trysts in the naughty blue Barbie Dream Pool. Perhaps Marvin had a wheat fish allergy, didn't like daily rationed Cheerios, the minnows swam together for three months, and when left out of our watchful eye Marvin murdered Merlin with a bite to the neck, as Merlin floated belly up minnow murder in the heart of the tainted blue Barbie Dream Pool. Marvin swam solo then soon after took the plunge, heaving his murdering minnow guilt over the side of the redemptive blue Barbie Dream Pool. Lori Caskey Sigety May, 2010

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