Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Flowers, Hairapy, Taming the Caterpillars, and Stumbling Around in Scorch's (or rather Steve's) Kitchen

(Butterfly in Elisabeth's Garden I, LCS 2007)

Happy May! Some cool things are happening lately. It's one of my friend's birthday today.
Happy Birthday, E! Tomorrow is my sister and brother-in-law's 5 year wedding anniversary. Happy Happy Anniversary from your favorite Blogarazza! Another cool thing, another friend just finished his finals from law school. Congrats, Franzerl! And a really cool thing--next week I'll be going to Las Vegas! (Rest assured, you'll hear all about it--well, at least the edited version. ;))
I can't believe how beautiful the flowers and trees are this year. So pretty. I think we will adorn our backyard with bushes and flowering trees. It will make gardening so much easier. It's still a little windy and cool for me to really dig in the yard yet. (I'm a fair-weather gardener.)
In preparation for the big Vegas adventure next week, I had my hair colored today (same color and it's growing out a little more.) And, I went out on a limb and had my brows (aka caterpillars but they're so little) waxed for the first time. I should have had them waxed first before I had my hair done. I was completely awake after the procedure! (It's like putting a band aid over a wound and then having it taken off quickly. It stings like that.) But it really makes my eyes stand out.
Tonight a friend came over and she (like most of my friends and family) took over the kitchen and reheated pizza and cooked yummy veggies with spices. Steve showed me the fire extinguisher before he left. (Hrumph.) I was shy that I couldn't find the strainer right away, but I found it after awhile. It is Steve's kitchen. We then hung out on my porch and listened to 80's music. It was a perfect girl's night in.
More Later. Have a great evening!


Monday, April 28, 2008

Jack the Wondercat Makes a Big Stink About Gaming Night

(I'm Innocent! LCS 2008)


This is another one of the many adventures we've had with Jack. On alternative Friday nights, Steve hosts a pirate gaming night at our house. It's very lively and fun. The guests enjoy the conversation, the gaming, and meeting Jack, Java, and Latte. Java and Latte were perfect cats hostesses and entertained the guests with their charm, looks, and wit. Jack charmed the group with his rambunctious self. Until the second night.

During the game, innocent Jack climbs down the stairs into what I call The Boy Hut, which is also the gaming room. He slinks to the opposite side of the room and disappears unnoticed in the covered litter box. The group then notices Jack running away and up the stairs, probably aware of what is going to happen next. Suddenly, a waft permeates the air and simultaneously the group notices a horrific scent. Jack has managed to clear the room. Steve, horrified as he is a consciencious host, takes the room spray and manages to cover the offensive odor. That was the talk of the evening.

The next game, all's well. The group is enjoying themselves until they notice Jack the Wondercat slinking down the steps. They exclaim, "Uh-oh." And yes, Jack strikes again, and indeed Jack the Wondercat makes a big stink about gaming.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pig Paparazza,Peeling Paint off the Front Porch, and Other Interesting Things

(April at Gravel Lake lcs 2008)
(Piglet- lcs 2008)
(Pig Livin' lcs 2008)
(Mudbath lcs 2008)
Yes, I was actually sitting on a step and peeling strips of gray paint while watching the evening disappear into nightfall. (We will be painting later this spring). I have been walking alone and with a friend and will be doing taekwondo this week to keep my energy level and my spirits high, as well as tone.
Today was a good day because all's well on the Mom front. She is doing better than expected and I am so pleased. The Mother's Day Vegas trip is on! (End of blogarazza report).
I wanted to share some photos with you of Gravel Lake and the Piggie Farm. The piggie farm photos are hilarious. I asked Steve to stop by the side of the road so I could cross the road (no chickens involved) to get to the other side and get closer photos. The sows were none too thrilled because they were protecting the darling piglets. Anyway, Steve called me back to the car because he thought he saw the farmer coming towards us in his big old tractor. Well, the farmer didn't see us, but we took off anyway.
One more thing. I actually baked potatoes on Sunday and didn't scorch them. However, the fire alarm did go off shortly after.

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Tribute to Kitka (June 1994-April 2008)

(Kitka 1 & 2, LCS 2007)

I spoke to a dear friend tonight and she informed me that her beloved kitty, Kitka had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
Steve and I met Kitka during the summer of 2000. Kitka was the neighborhood cat. She would lie on the ground and wait for people to pass by on the sidewalk. Then, she would stalk proudly down the driveway and flip over on her back, which is rare for a cat. Kitka would also meow at you loudly until you complied to her demands of uninterrupted petting. When visitors would walk by and pet her stomach, she would continue to writhe on her back until she gave you a gentle bite to inform you, "Okay, I'm done!"

Last fall, my friend told me that Kitka was getting up there in years. And every time I passed by their house, I meant to take photographs. So one early evening, I stopped over to snap the perfect pictures of Kitka and my friend's husband caught me! I just waved and explained what I was doing, and he was okay with it.
The neatest thing about neighborhood fur children is that you also meet and befriend their parents. I met a wonderful friend through a wonderful cat, and I will always be grateful to Miss Kitka, and will think of her every time I trot around the boulevard.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Wednesday

(Chicago Lake Michigan View on Saturday LCS 2008)

I need to be working on my library reports, so I guess I am warming up by posting on the blog. It's a beautiful day and it's only going to get better this week. I attended taekwondo tonight and learned more self-defense moves. It was cool. We also practiced forms, nunchakus, and bow staff forms. I am going to attempt to read a book called Then we Came to the End by Joshua Ferris.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Trip to Chicago: Sunday

(Boy Moose in Front of Chicago Tribune Building-LCS 2008).
(Chicago Traffic- LCS, 2008)

We woke up Sunday morning and visited the Art Institute of Chicago. It was so cool that we were with people who are members, so we viewed the exhibit without the crowds. We visited the Edward Hopper exhibit and the Ed Ruscha photography exhibit. I also had to visit my favorite van Gogh painting: The Poets Garden (1888). We then visited Park Grill again for lunch and met a favorite waiter. He was really funny. After lunch, we trolled downtown and eventually took a cab to Chez Clotheshorse. It was very chilly! Then Staeve and I said our goodbyes (sniff) and left for home. This was one of the best weekends we had in a very long time!


Trip to Chicago: Saturday

(View from Chicago 2, LCS 2008)

(Steve's 36th Birthday Cake, LCS 2008)

Saturday was a sleepy day. We were all tired out from the week. Lake Michigan was beautiful. The weather was chilly, rainy, and a tiny bit snowy, but we did not care.
For lunch, we found a wonderful Asian restaurant called They have the best ginger ale imaginable! I dined on scallops and shrimp. The atmosphere was casual, but very funky and modern.
Later we trotted downtown in search of hooves and horseblankets. (Well, clothes not necessarily blankets). We left the princes at Border's while we did a little damage to the plastic at Nordstrums. We visited Nordie's and it was hoof heaven! We purchased hooves (mine were Mary Jane hooves and tennis shoe hooves to trot more often). Then to the racks... I found a pair of blue spring/summer/fall pants. On sale! And they fit! (I do abhor dressing room mirrors, though. Wouldn't one think the mirrors would be more flattering and therefore inspire one to purchase more items?)
Anyhoo, after this clotheshorse-in-training was worn out, we picked up the princes at Borders and trotted home. Then it was Staeve's birthday dinner! They went all out and made steaks,
sweet potatoes with garlic and oil (mmm) and green beans al dente. Add a little pinot noir and some dessert wine and it was fabulous. To top off the evening, there was a surprise cake for Staeve. He's all grown up! :)

Afterwards, we watched more Hardy Boys episodes and made fun of their clothes. (It's MST3K disco-style!) It was a perfect day with the most wonderful people!


Trip to Chicago: Friday

(Colorful Lake Michigan 1 & 2, LCS 2008)

Staeve and I enjoyed a lovely and uneventful drive to Chicago last Friday. The weather was beautiful! We stopped to eat in Michigan City and then arrived to Chi-town five minutes after Princess Clotheshorse arrived. After Prince Drfi arrived home, we changed into our fancy clothes and took a cab down to Millennium Park to dine at Park Grill. It is a lovely restaurant with tasty food. So I won't offend my vegetarian friends, I won't say exactly what I selected. After the meal, we took a cab back to Chez Clotheshorse, enjoyed the lakeside view, and watched an episode of The Hardy Boys, pondering why we swooned over Shaun Cassidy in the first place.

More Later!
Love, Lolo

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trip to Chicago--Stay Tuned

(Latte Mugging for Camera 1, April 2008).

Good evening,
We returned from a fabulous Chicago trip this weekend. Details and photos are forthcoming. Meanwhile, enjoy a darling photograph of Latte!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jack the Cat and Chicagoland

(Jack and Latte on the Bed 1, LCS April 2008).

This is like a Friday night for us. Tomorrow we are headed for Chi-town to see my sister and brother-in-law! Woo-hoo! Today poor Jack the cat used up another one of his lives. Steve took him to see his favorite v-e-t.They gave him another round of tests: x-rays, bloodwork, and two shots. Two hours later Steve told me he was hissing at the other animals in the clinic waiting room. Jack had enough for one afternoon. Have you ever heard of breathing treatments for cats? Jack is an asthmatic, so in addition to the occasional injection at the v-e-t, we need to give him medication and breathing treatments. There is a website we need to check out: Poor kitty. I am happy to report Jack is resting comfortably on the cushions in the living room.
More Later!

Adventures in Minneapolis: Sunday

(Public Library, Wisconsin, LCS March 2008).
(Humbird Cheese, Wisconsin, LCS March 2008).

Sunday morning we left lovely Minneapolis for home. We stopped in Wisconsin for cheese,lunch,and finally the Olive Garden. We arrived safely home around 9:00 p.m.

Adventures in Minneapolis:Saturday

(Sculpture 2, Minneapolis, LCS March 2008).
(Cherry on a Spoon, Minneapolis, LCS March 2008).

Saturday was really fun. I loved most of the sessions. The first one was a slightly boring one about surveys and secret shoppers. The second one was called from Superheroes to Villians: Librarians in Literature. It was hysterical. Then I attended a session with romance writers and that was a blast, too. Then, after the sessions was the keynote speaker: Paula Poundstone.

Before she spoke there was a Taiko Drum performance. It was awesome!

After PLA was over, a few of us trotted around the city and visited the Walker Art Center in downtown Minneapolis. It was really cool. Then we went shopping. Then I was exhausted so we headed back to our suite, where we packed our stuff and relaxed.

Adventures in Minneapolis: Friday

(Minneapolis from our hotel room. March 2008 LCS.)


I wanted to continue my postings of Minneapolis before I forgot! I visited the exhibits, attended sessions and also attended a PLA evening gala. I was feeling woozy from waiting too long to eat combined with surge of coke, so I turned in early in my jammies and a good book.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Minneapolis Journey to be Continued...

Hi! I am so excited! After calling the hotel and the various places we stopped on our way back home from Minneapolis, I received a phone call from the security department that my digital camera has been found! I am so happy! The camera is a sentimental library school graduation present from Steve's parents and my parents... and I took some really great shots! I am so stoked! Now I need to go to the library and retrieve it so I can upload photos to share with you! Have a great Wednesday! Love, Lolo

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Adventures in Minneapolis: Thursday

(Image courtesy of

This is my first day on my own. I manage to trot to the convention center without getting too lost. Clear skies and crisp, but beautiful. A vendor from the exhibits offered me a cab with him, but I kindly refused. (Steve will be surprised to read about the odd things that happened while I was in Minnesota. I didn't want him to worry).

I attend fun sessions on librarianship...Technozoo (a program on fun new gadgets and technology)and Reader's Advisory. I also visit the exhibits and pick up a lot of free books.

I met Ing back in the room. We then walked to Murray's, where the librarians gather for cocktails (I enjoyed a rum and diet coke) and enjoy a lovely dinner on the town. I had pasta, which I took home that night and put in our fridge in the suite! We took a taxi home since it is a late night.

Adventures in Minneapolis: Wednesday

Welcome to bun-fest! Almost 10,000 librarians attended this conference. There are eleven of us from Indiana. I feel like I am in an intellectual Oz, trying to find my way around downtown Minneapolis and weaving my way through the crowds to the sessions. Thank goodness Ing is here to help me through the first day.

We saw Nancy Pearl, who is famous in the library world, introduce publishers who recommended new cool books. Then we saw John Wood, a dynamic person who left his cushy gig at Microsoft to start his own company called Room to Read, which is a program that helps children worldwide by opening schools and libraries. He inspires me to go out and make a difference somehow.

After the sessions, the exhibits have the grand opening. There's alcohol and food available for librarians, but I did not have any. I walk inside the exhibits and I am completely overwhelmed with all the people. I retreat to the comfort of my hotel room. Ing and I meet up and head out for dinner and pretty much crash the first night.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Adventures in Minneapolis: Tuesday Night

(Image courtesy of

We circled around downtown Minneapolis to find the hotels. (Four people roomed in three different hotels). My roommate,who will be only known as Ing and I hauled our many suitcases through the back way of the Embassy Suites where the parking garage was located. (At this point we did not have our bearings and did not know where to find the front entrance). Suddenly, a large car came racing up out of the garage and startled, we jumped on the small island in-between. Eventually, after asking the kindly staff in the glass cubes in the parking garage, we found our way indoors and into...

a beautiful suite. It was like an apartment with a lovely view of the city. We had a living room, a kitchen table, a bar, a bathroom, and a bedroom. Each room had a television. We hardly watched tv, I mostly read or slept.

After checking in and dropping off our luggage, we asked the kindly staff at the desk where was a good place to eat. He recommended a place called Dan Kelly's. So we trotted off to Dan Kelly's and sat in a lovely booth with great service when we encountered our first local cat from Minneapolis. He staggered to our table and introduced himself to us as Tony (later to be renamed Cocaine Tony) and asked if he could sit with us. We politely declined. Thankfully he left.

We finished our meal and headed back to our hotel. We meet up with Tony,who staggers beside us and proceeds to slur that he was drinking and doing cocaine. Nice. I am thinking of an exit plan(where to run) and going through blocking and self-defense moves while Ing kindly and calmy talks to him. Finally, we cross the avenue and to our suite, leaving Cocaine Tony to stagger home. Needless to say, it was an interesting first night!

Adventures in Minneapolis: Tuesday, March 25

(Madison, Wisconsin.Photograph courtesy of


I would have posted sooner but am looking for my long lost digital camera! I hope it is found because of the wonderful memories the camera captured on my trip. (It also has sentimental value because it was my graduation present from SLIS). Meanwhile, I'll find other photos to accompany the text.

Tuesday, March 25

We left the parking lot at around 8:30a.m. It was cold but sunny and windy. Four brave travelers entered the van and drove off to Minneapolis, Minnesota. The only difficulty with the travels was in the Michigan City. There's always snow and sleet because of the Lake.

We drove through the Chi-town(Chicago)skyway, past the IKEA store, and on to Wisconsin. We stopped in Madison, Wisconsin at a wonderful place called Noodles. The building is two stories in downtown Madison. We shared the some of the salads and Japanese noodles. Mmm. Madison is a neat city, very clean with recycle bins everywhere. There's the capital on one side and the University on the other.

Three of us visited the Madison Public Library and looked at the set-up. Very interesting. The librarians were friendly (one had a neat tattoo on her arm).It had a laid-back feel and did not notice any security.

Out of Madison and on the road again.Two deer sightings on the field to our left.
On the outskirts of Wisconsin we stopped at a gas station and there was a plastic deer (red) and a mouse with cheese.

Finally, we ended up in Minnesota and the last stretch seemed to last forever! Hills and woods surrounded the highways. Then, we passed through St. Paul and found his twin, Minneapolis.

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