Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Insomnia and New Career

I am now paying for the siesta I took this afternoon; it is almost 3:00 a.m. and I am writing instead of sleeping. Steve and two of the four cats are sprawled out on the bed. Perhaps a king-size bed is not out of the question. The weather is slightly chilly, so I am donning Hello Kitty pajamas and curled up on the couch with a favorite grey blanket.

Oscar is taking advantage of the fact that I am in the living room; he stared at me with those gorgeous orange eyes and begged to be let out on the porch. So, I caved. He is now camped out on top of the cat condo, and probably will not move until dawn. Lucky cat; sleep still eludes me. Hopefully some almond milk will help. I now stand corrected: the two youngest cats are running back and forth and playing out on the porch.

Well, you may already know this, but if you don't, here goes: I GOT THE JOB!!! :) I received the telephone call last Thursday. On the week of July 4, I will be starting my new gig as the Teen Services Librarian at Middlebury Community Public Library. I am looking forward to it, although it is odd not to be going back to an adjunct teaching gig--at least, for now. When I learn my new position, I may be able to teach online or a blended course if the schedule allows it.

Returning to a full-time position at one location after six years of piecing together jobs will be good. Librarianship is going to be fun again, and I am going to (again) pour my heart into it. Having a steady job will allow me the freedom to pursue writing and other creative endeavors without the worry of finances. So, I didn't get a coveted full-time teaching job. That's okay--I think I'm meant to be back in the 'bary where I can use my degree, and the overwhelmingly positive responses on my Facebook account confirms it.

Okay, my eyelids are starting to droop, so I am going to sign off. I hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 21 & June 22, 2016

Malbec and insect repellent do not taste good together. ;) I need more practice using bug repellent. (Note to self: keep mouth closed when spraying.) I spent about a half hour outside in the garden tonight and about a half an hour this afternoon. There’s something grounding about photographing perennials and strolling through the yard in my bare feet, especially since there’s been a lot going on personally and professionally. Thank goodness jury duty was cancelled today; the thought of being sequestered in the middle of uncertainty absolutely terrifies me. This is the second time in three months that I have been summoned, and then the trial is cancelled.

I had a job interview last Friday for a full-time position, and I am waiting to hear back sometime this week. The part-time adjunct teaching gigs have fallen through this summer due to low enrollment and college closings. I was not expecting this setback this spring and summer, but I am doing my best to roll with it. It’s not worth my health not to—during a wellness checkup last month my blood pressure was high for the first time—perhaps because the medical assistant repeatedly gouged my cold, clammy middle finger in the attempt to extract blood.

Anyhow, I am cuddling with Steve and the kitties, playing music, taking photographs of animals and flowers, working out several times a week, and writing poetry. I am also doing my best to reach out to family and friends and not to retreat from the world, even though that is what my introverted self really wants to do.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Poetry Garden

Happy June! It's been a little soggy the last couple of days. That is good for the yard. I meant to post earlier, but life happens. So, here's the blog. Enjoy!

On a whim, since I've been writing so many poems recently, I decided to add that component to our garden. So, I decided to paint the flower box and the birdhouse purple. Perhaps I am paying homage to Prince. I was drawn to the dark, lovely shade of purple. Before my anxiety (and perhaps some common sense) grabbed a hold of me, I worked through it and took a chance. It's only paint, right? The end result was pretty good. The only change I made (thanks to Steve) was that I painted the words with white paint instead of black. (The black paint did not show up well and the scribble looked ominous.) Doing something creative in the yard has inspired me to do the other mundane stuff, like cleaning and pulling weeds.

Bushes,flowers,fruits,plants,trees,vegetables,and words work well together, probably because greenery appeals to the senses. Gardening and writing is a popular combination. The writers Wendell Berry, Robert Frost, Gwen Frostic, Henry David Thoreau, and Walt Whitman are only a few I can think of that combined their love of farming and of nature with poetry or prose. (There are so many more that I need to discover! Please share with me your favorites!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Random Musings and Lighting at The Electric Brew

Hello! It is Wednesday, almost the start of Memorial Day weekend, and I am waiting for Steve to arrive home. The kitties and I are hanging out on the porch listening to the birds and watching the warm day pass by.

Although I was initially disappointed that several teaching gigs dried up this late spring and summer, I now realize that it was a disguised blessing. I have not had time off for a long time, and I am still earning some income filling in for absent instructors, tutoring, and visiting classrooms. Also, our MV book has spiked a bit in sales, so that is good. Karen and I are working on other writing projects, and will be presenting programs at Gen Con this summer. I have also put my name in to sub (percussion) with the LaPorte County Community Symphony. We will see what happens. Steve continues to catalog and teach online classes. He is writing more, and I am so proud of Steve for pursuing writing. He is such a good writer, and his work needs to be out there.

Since January or February, I have been writing poems like a maniac! I cannot stop, nor do I want to! The poetry group, WordPlay, founded by John Homan, has been a godsend. The group meets once a month at a charming coffee house called The Electric Brew. This event inspires me to write more often, and the writers are creative and kind. I am so happy to call them friends.

There is something interesting about the lighting in The Electric Brew. There is a light that tends to flicker on and off during the poetry reading. I wonder who is saying hello?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Adventures at the BMV

This version of the blog was written in hard copy while riding the stationery bike at Planet Fitness. (I burned 107 calories.) Yesterday, I accidentally tossed my driver's license into the trash. (I was cleaning the equipment after working out.)Today, I jokingly told the worker at the Indiana BMV(Bureau of Motor Vehicles) that I must have subconsciously hated my license photograph so I threw it away. The BMV lady (BMVL) didn't even crack a smile. I might as well have been talking to Siri, or Betty, my mean GPS. At least they had more personality. I will say in her defense that BMVL called me over before I sat down. I asked BMVL how her day was going. She ignored me. She just kept with the script. Lady, just treat me like a person! I'm not a number!

I had to take my mug shot three times. It felt like a damn mug shot. Why don't I wear stripes and carry a number? Teeth covered. Chin down. Ears out. Face straight. The license photograph is the antithesis of a selfie. I used to enjoy going to the BMV to get my photo taken. Now I dread it, thanks to the ass (or the commune of stinky asses) who decided to not allow people to smile. We are not all criminals; stop treating us like we are! It is as bad as going to the pharmacy to buy cold medicine. A couple of bad people ruined it for everyone. Talk about punishing the class for the sins of a few.

Oh, dear readers, it gets better from here. BMVL checks my information. Yes, I am an organ donor. She doesn't mention anything until my weight. She glances over me accusingly and says that my weight needed to be changed. Bitch, I thought. You are fat shaming me at the BMV and you have NO business shaming anyone. Look in the mirror. I gave her another number. It's still not the real one, but it's none of her business--or the government's business--what I weigh. I will write her supervisor in a letter. Don't question a woman about her weight on her license!!!! Also, weight fluctuates.

This experience lit a fire within myself. I am angry with myself for allowing myself to not be in the ideal shape, so I am going to change that.
I am hereby turning my pissivity into positivity.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Swan Song Thursday

It’s Thursday.
Not just any Thursday; I deem this day as Swan Song Thursday.

Tuesday was my last day teaching composition and tonight was my last night teaching speech.
I found out on Tuesday night; the two classes I was supposed to teach next week were taken away because someone deemed my four degrees, six years of teaching experience, and writing credentials unworthy of teaching 100-level undergraduate composition and speech classes. What was acceptable last week is now considered null and void.

So, I packed up the cubicle farm and after 9:00 p.m., I called it a day. I really would have liked a true swan song—at least a month’s notice to fulfill my last teaching assignments. Instead, I get bitten and the proverbial rug is pulled out from under my feet.

And then I remember, swans can be mean.
Not the people I worked with and worked for—I love my academic family. It’s not my supervisors who caused this or necessarily the main office. It’s the cold, calculated swans who believe in numbers and dollars and cents and bureaucracy. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

But, swans are unpredictable.
And so is the life of an expendable adjunct.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April Snow Globe

April Snow Globe

"Sometimes it snows in April." - Prince

Since April first,
this month has been
like a snowstorm;
and I have been
in a snow globe
of sorts;
I am looking
at the sky
waiting again
for the
clouds to form;
and the universe
to shake
the snow globe
once again;
and only
when I paused,
and took my eyes
off the sky,
did the snow globe
shake again.



It has been a challenging month; I will write more in detail in a future post. For now, I will rest.