Monday, January 08, 2018

Perfectly Imperfect: Manic Monday and Mismatched Socks Monday.
Oxymoron, I know, right???

Well... I have a secret. At the library, when I am not at a service desk, I take my sassy black boots off and fling them under the desk. I either wear my socks or my slippers. At lunch, my slippers and boots were at large, and I looked at my socks. I was perfectly mismatched---one blue sock and one black sock. Fortunately, I was dressed in shades of blue, navy, and black, so it actually worked out okay...

And still laughed at myself.
It's taken a long time for this recovering perfectionist to do so. On a different note, I promoted the Winter Reading Challenge like a boss today.
That's what matters. :)
Have a good night! Xoxo

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Happy New Year!

(Photo through an ice-covered window.)


Hope you enjoyed the first week of 2018!

I admit, it's been a little rough here with a sinus infection that wants to hang on and bitterly cold weather temperatures that makes commuting dicey.

Despite the cold, the winter sunrises and sunsets on my daily commutes have been spectacular. Like life, winter is difficult, but also beautiful.

Besides momentary crankiness, there's a lot to be grateful for-- electricity, a warm house, plenty to eat, and the love of fur children, friends, and family.

Have a good Sunday. Don't forget self-care. Do what you need to do to recharge for the upcoming week: cuddle with a companion, extra sleep, make a healthy meal,play in the snow (or sand, for my warm-weather readers), read, watch a fun movie, work out, and/or write.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last Post of 2017


I wanted to write and wish you a Happy New Year's Eve!
This year has been exciting, interesting, and a little sad. I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be so much better.
I am looking forward to spending more time with loved ones, getting fit, and writing more. Those are my three main goals for 2018. (I'm not a fan of resolutions---seems like a set-up to fail.)

Have a wonderful and safe evening! See you next year. ;)

Much Love to You and Yours,


Next to Last Post of 2017

I was supposed to blog about my amazing Saturday in early December, but didn't get around to it until now. I guess better late than never!
The biggest news of the year is that I landed a new gig at the Nappanee Public Library as the Youth Services Manager. I am working for--and with--a great community and wonderful staff. My colleagues and directors have been kind and supportive even when I have made mistakes. I am much less fearful and so grateful.

On Saturday, December 3, I woke up super early to go on a local TV station (WSBT 22) to promote a teen program at NPL. Talk about hitting the floor running! So, my assistant director picks me up, happy and smiling as always, and we drive to the station. The new station is gorgeous! Fortunately, there were two distractions that kept me from getting too jittery: the featured kitty from the local shelter, and watching the professional journalist navigating the show in super high heels and not tripping. (I would have been on the floor in three steps.)

Here is the link:

It was a fast and fun segment.

Forward to 6:00 p.m. at the library. Steve took me to the library and was the photographer in the crowds. Five or six of us were marching in the parade in downtown Nappanee. Thank goodness the balmy weather held out! I was Marshall the Dog from PBS. The costume was difficult because I really couldn't see that well and it was dark. Fortunately, my trusty handlers did not let me fall, and it was neat to hear everyone in the distance and close-up. It made me happy to make kids and their families happy on a December Saturday evening.

Will add pictures later... need to post one more blog before 2018!


Thursday, November 30, 2017



It's the last day of November. With the exception of an amazing cruise in 2015, this November has probably been the fastest month I've experienced in a long time. I'm in a really good place with this new library position. I'm glad to have taken the leap into the unknown, but in my heart I knew everything was going to be okay. Thank you for reading this post, and for your continued support.

There is also something that has been weighing on me for awhile, especially with the recent reports and firings of prominent people in business, Hollywood, journalism, and politics. It's getting harder for me to turn on the news, because my stomach starts to turn with all the reports.

What is it about the workplace that makes people act crazy? I am so frustrated at executives for allowing such hurtful behavior to continue. Leaders need to be responsible, too. If your staff is hurting one another and you are letting it happen, you are as culpable as the offenders.

I'm sick of the incivility in our North American culture. I'm glad that (finally) people in power are being tossed off of their proverbial high-horses. Assaults, bullying, harassment, and incivility in-and-out of the workplace needs to stop. I can relate to this, because I am still recovering from incidents of incivility at my former place of employment.

I won't go into details here, but thank God I had the education, experience, and references to leave before the incivility consumed me, and I landed in a much better place.

My current happiness and success is the best revenge. Karma will take care of the rest.

Have a good night.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

November Musings and Happy Early Thanksgiving

Has it been two months already? Happy autumn! In about a month, winter will be here. It's starting to feel like it outside.

Enough about the weather. A lot has happened in a couple of months. The biggest news is that I ended my tenure at Middlebury Community Public Library on November 9, and started at the Nappanee Public Library on November 13. It was bittersweet, but it was a good move. The Middlebury staff gave me a lovely send-off lunch, card, cake, and gift certificate. (Note to self...write that thank-you note.) The Nappanee staff welcomed me and took me to lunch on my first day. It's a little closer to home. I am now the Youth Services Manager. It's my second week and I feel right at home. Steve and I are grateful that this opportunity came up. I am grateful.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Monday, September 04, 2017

Labor Day Weekend: Library, Gaming, Rock Band, and Kayaking

Isn't it interesting how a simple, one-line post on social media can inspire a person to write more about it on a blog? Yes, that is what I am doing now. Why reinvent the proverbial wheel, right? Or perhaps it is lazy blogging. At least I'm blogging here again!

So, how did you spend your Labor Day weekend? I stayed home on Thursday and Friday due to a nasty respiratory infection. I pushed myself on Wednesday and paid for it later. Fortunately, I was well enough to hang out with friends at Sunny's Korean Restaurant with Steve and some of our friends. We took over the outdoor patio and had a great time.

Saturday, Steve and I drove to my 'bary at Middlebury and facilitated our first D&D game since May. We had a lot of people (about 20, if you include parents and grandparents who dropped off and picked up the kids). I was happy to see that we had three GMs (Gaming Masters). The three-hour event ran smoothly.

Saturday night, Steve and I spent the evening with friends. We hung out with puppies, doggies, and humans. We also played Rock Band until about 2 a.m. (I am still sore from rocking out on the drums.)

Sunday afternoon/evening and Monday we ventured to the lake and visited family. The photo above is Russ Forest. (Steve and I always pass Russ Forest on the way to and from the lake.) I was able to venture out on the kayak in-between the rain. (I want to invest in a canoe--I love being on the water with a notebook, a pen, and my thoughts.) Something I need to remember is to take a water-proof camera phone with me when I'm canoeing or kayaking. There's no way I trust myself with my android around water.

After we arrived home, I attempted to work out at the gym, but they closed at 3 p.m. (Boo!) So, I walked around the 'hood before the rain started up again. This evening, I have been writing. After this current word drought, it's nice to be back.

Hope you enjoyed a fun weekend! I will be wearing my walking shoes tomorrow, for sure, since the library will be sure to be busy.
Have a good week!

New Layout, Blogaversary


I'm playing with new designs for both personal and professional blogs. It's been 12 years since I started Marimba and Ice! I'll keep this one as long as I am able to write. This blog has been a personal outlet and a professional launching pad.

I recommend that writers keep some kind of blog or online journal, not just for interacting with an audience, but for the purpose of
making writing a daily , weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly habit. (Yes, I am making light of the fact that I have been inconsistent here for the last couple of years. I plan on writing more often.)

It is easy to start your own blog; send me a comment or message ( if you are interested in starting one.

Also, as a result of writing for this blog, I was confident enough to start a YA (young adult) blog at the library where I am employed. It's been a lot of fun.

Have a great week--happy writing!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Midnight Moonlight July Posting Part Deux


Here are some pics from the late spring/summer so far in no particular order.

Indiana Library Federation Conference at IUSB

WordPlay Poetry group after attending a poetry gig in South Bend, IN

The Little Eat at Ken and Tammy's Place

Lunching with Valerie and Steve at ALA in Chicago

Film Group Chez Sigety

Midnight Moonlight July Posting


The lilies are in full bloom in the garden Chez Sigety, so it must be July. A couple of months have passed since the last post, so I can fill you in on some events that have occurred:

Steve and the kitties are doing well. They are my world-- this home would just be an empty house without them.

I had forgotten that the busy-ness of summer reading in public libraries is much like retail during the holidays! Yowser! We are keeping busy at the Middlebury Community Public Library, and if my teens check out and read 1,500 books (fiction and nonfiction) in June and July, I will dye my hair blue for Gen Con in August. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will indeed have blue hair,especially since graphic novels and manga are permitted and tend to be fast reads. And, I am proud to brag that I have awesome teens. They are my kids and I am so proud of them.

Speaking of libraries, I celebrated one year on July 5. It's been quite a year--I have learned a lot personally and professionally in a short year. What I have started to focus on for year two (and beyond) is balance. I have to curb the perfectionist streak and realize that a)it's okay to make mistakes and be human; b)take time out for family/friends/self; and c) do more creative stuff again!

I am not in touch with loved ones nearly as much as I would like. That is primarily because I have been exhausted this year (new job with commute) and have dealt with some health stuff. I won't bore you with details, but I am working on strategies to lessen stress and fatigue, and to exercise more.

Well, it's technically Monday morning, so I am going to sign off and sleep. Have a good night. xoxo

Perfectly Imperfect: Manic Monday and Mismatched Socks Monday. Oxymoron, I know, right??? Well... I have a secret. At the library, when I am not at a service desk, I take my sa...