Saturday, July 26, 2014

Birthday and Anniversary

July is always bittersweet, but more sweet than bitter. I celebrated the month with family and friends.

My thesis proposal passed, and I am working on it this summer and fall. The plan is to have it wrapped up and defended by

Thanksgiving. Then what? We shall see. I enjoy teaching and writing.

Today is our seventeenth wedding anniversary. We're going to go to dinner and then weather permitting, we'll go to the beach and

take in a sunset.

Hope your summer is going well!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

From the Scorch Files: The Cucumber Cleanser

I renewed a cookbook from the library. (Yes, you heard me correctly, I renewed it. I usually don't renew cookbooks.) The title is called Clean Green Drinks: 100+ Cleansing Recipes to Renew & Restore Your Body and Mind by Candice Kumai. I decided I wanted to try out a clean, green drink.

There are three ingredients in The Cucumber Cleanser. That's my kind of recipe:

1 Fuji apple, quartered
2. 2 cups kale
3. 1 large cucumber

Add all ingredients in a juicer and mix. (Be sure to peel the cucumber first. Steve and I searched the kitchen for a potato peeler.) I was lazy and didn't want to deal with the juicer, so I tried using the blender. There
really is a difference between a juicer and a blender. The smoothie is very green with bits of red from the apple. The "smoothie" tastes a lot like cucumber. There is no taste of kale, which is good for a beverage, and a tiny taste of apple.

Steve was brave enough to sample the "smoothie". He pursed his lips and took the tiniest sip. He didn't flinch.
"Not too bad," he said. "I probably wouldn't drink this so much." (Texture is an issue for him.)

I am half sipping and half chewing the "smoothie". I may attempt this again and remember to strain the veggies. In fact, I may purchase this book from Amazon--and actually use it. :)

Friday, June 27, 2014


Yesterday was my last day teaching at the private college. Yesterday was bittersweet after teaching there for four years. I sort of fell into the job and with all the changes there, I sort of fell out, but this time, into new teaching opportunities.

Since I am teaching four classes at IUSB (Library Literacy and Speech) as an adjunct and writing my thesis, there was no time for teaching at this location any more. I learned life lessons, teaching methods, and I met some great people. It's yet another change in life but it's time. Time to turn the page and open the next chapter. I am grateful for the opportunities. I will take these experiences to contribute in my next adventures.

Feral Cat Family: the Conclusion

As quickly as June Cat and her kittens took refuge under our side porch, they left. On a Friday morning, the cat family moved out. Although we had a brief June Cat sighting last night, the kittens are nowhere to be found. We are both concerned and relieved.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Herding Cats: The Outdoor Herd

Herding Cats: The Indoor Herd

For your amusement, here are recent photos of our indoor herd:

Java on her couch.

Moshi in the penthouse.

Sakura on the lookout.

Herding Cats

I kid you not. This week has been the week of herding cats at Chez Sigety. Let me explain.

*I taught class on Monday afternoon from 1-5. When I pulled my car into the driveway, I noticed a sleek gray cat and her five kittens doing a face plant on a hapless lifeless blackbird. They scattered when I stepped out of the car and walked up the front porch into the house.

*The kittens have been burrowing underneath a hole in the side porch by the side of the house. (Note to self: fix the porch!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

*I sent Steve an email, and he arrives home with canned Whiskas food. We put out food and a bowl of water. Mama cat is famished and eats two cans by herself.

*Put a shout out on social networking (Facebook) for assistance.

*Although they are so cute, Steve and I decided we could not keep any of the cats. (We have three cats already.)

*Called a few rescue places. They are all booked this time of year. We do not wish to contact the Humane Society because they are overcrowded. Experiencing mild panic.


*We are half hoping that Mama cat moved the kits during the night, and half hoped that they were still at the house.

*I peer outside the door in the afternoon/evening. Mama Cat is sprawled out on top of Greenie (my Honda Civic) and lounging in the sun.


*Mama cat brought home a tasty mouse (ugh) for breakfast. Kittens are now wandering in the backyard.

*A friend and her daughter came out to look at the furry herd. No one is in sight. We now suspect that kittens are feral.

*A grey kitten curls up on the grey chair on the back deck.

*Our cats are not happy about the situation. There is a lot of growling and hissing.


*We discovered that kittens are also bedding down in the engine of our cars.

*Kittens are becoming quite at home. However, when we approach the kittens, Mama cat charges us.


*Early this morning, Steve spotted Mama Cat prancing up the driveway with a rabbit. Breakfast is served. (Ugh!)

*Steve warned our neighbors (the cool ones)that the kittens and Mama cat are playing in the mulch near their home. Neighbors
have a lead of a feral cat person who may come over.

*I am pet sitting for a friend today. Steve calls me on my cell. He lifts up the hood of his Toyota Prius, and there are at least three kittens nestled behind the engine. He was going to do errands but was stuck at home until he could shoo them out of the car.

*This week has been cat-as-trophic. In hindsight, we will look back and laugh. Steve and I are the crazy cat people, herding cats.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

By the time I post this blog, Memorial Day weekend will be over.

This weekend has been one of reflection. The weather, fortunately, cooperated. The sun smiled down on Michiana until late Monday afternoon. Usually, the weather is cold and dreary and somber. This year, the weather was clear, an idyllic 70 degrees. The zephyr of lavender lilacs permeated the front steps of the porch. The Lady Cats are enjoying intermittent bird-watching in-between long, leisurely naps.

Steve and I surrounded ourselves with the support of family and friends near and far. The beautiful weather lifted our spirits, as it is hard to be sad when the weather is joyful. On Memorial Day, I reflect on the people who served--and died--in the military. I also reflect on my mother-in-law, who passed over last Wednesday. I reflect on my mother, who has been in Heaven for over five years.
I reflect on the memories of past Memorial Day weekends with family. I realize that new traditions need to be created, so Memorial Day weekend will be a balance of new traditions rather than wistful memories.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I took a risk today, but what is life without risk?

My friend Karen Harris and I have been working on a historical nonfiction book called Medieval Vaginas: A Hysterical and Historical Medieval Hysterical and Historical Perspective of all Things Vaginal During the Middle Ages. Karen invited me to write this book with her last year because we have a similar writing style. We just created a blog and a twitter account. We need to finish the conclusions and the details of the book. We have queried several publishers, but will most likely end up self-publishing in hopes to pick up a publisher down the road.

I'm excited and nervous about co-authoring this book. I don't know why I am afraid.

But again, what is life without taking risks?

Monday, May 12, 2014

May Updates

I cannot believe May is here and almost half over. Time flies, as the old adage goes. It has been a hectic spring. Final grades have been submitted for classes; my final seminar (with other people) is also over.Steve continues to work at the library and teach online classes. Steve's mom has battled a serious illness since last April; it is heartbreaking. We have surrounded her with love and are making her as comfortable as possible. The kitties are doing well;we have had some health scares with Java, but she always bounces back.

I will miss this spring's astronomy class; visiting the observatory,despite the frigid winter, was the highlight of the semester. It was one of the classes that changed my life, as I am now stargazing even though now it is not required. :) Now,I'm ABT (All But Thesis). Looking forward to diving in and finishing that thesis. Intending to walk in May 2015.

This has been a musical week and a half, as I rehearsed and performed in the LaPorte County Symphony. I played bass drum in a Star Trek uniform. The sci-fi movie-themed pops concert was really cool. There was a choir and excerpts of the films shown during the performance. Steve, my loyal roadie, supported me. On Tuesday, I will be playing with the Twin Cities Concert Band (IUSB) for commencement. A lot of my friends are graduating this year, so it will be great to perform for friends. Music has been a respite and I am grateful to still be able to play music.

Hopefully I will be able to blog more often this summer. Thank you for reading. Would love to hear from you! Hope you are well.