Thursday, July 19, 2018

National Lampoon's Garden Adventures, and Last Thoughts on 46

Update on Sake Sakura: We will be making an appointment to get Sake's MRI.
It's been really hot and our schedules have been nuts,
but Steve and I are planning to take care of this soon. Sake is doing fine.

I took Thursday off instead of Friday since I have story hour tomorrow and love seeing the babies and toddlers!
(Taking a half-day for the birth-day.)

I am hosting our monthly Film Group this month and thought it would be fun to do it on my birthday. And it is. Love my friends. <3
So,this week, between jobs and cat herding, Steve and I have been fake housing the porch, the house, and the backyard.
I'm annoyed that the gardening sweet spot has passed (late June/ early July) and the backyard is starting to resemble
a desert wasteland.

Perhaps I should set cacti all over the backyard and create a desert theme. Maybe place some tumbleweed

If I use enough props (spider plants) and pour enough wine, peeps won't notice so much.
Shorter nights are a good thing in this case.
But wait! It's supposed to storm tomorrow night,
so the weeding and deck washing and furniture arranging
is kind of a moot point.

(*slips metaphorical coin into imaginary swear jar*)

Okay, I'm trying really, really, really hard not to swear, but the metaphorical swear jar is overflowing.
Oh, who am I kidding? I'm a barely closeted swearmonger, and I'm trying to be better.
It's because we have cats instead of kids. There, blame the four-legged tyrants. Cats encourage cursing.
That's my excuse and I'm going with it!

I can tell who has kids and who don't because the level of swearing, but that is a generalization...
I'm sure there are exceptions...

Anyway, this whole 47 business...
I'm not sure I like it so much, but there's not much I can do about it.
I'm still a kid at heart, anyhow. :)

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sake Sakura Hemingway and a Heart Murmur

I was thinking that when Steve took Sake to the vet, it would be just another routine visit.
I left a check for Steve, kissed him on the forehead, and left for work.

Later, Steve texted me that Sake has a heart murmur. She has also gained a pound. (Yes, she's our girth kitty. Don't judge.
We are putting her on a diet and exercise plan. It's difficult with multiple kitties.)

Next month (which is not far off), we need to take Sake in for an EKG and heart testing.
If she passes, we can then schedule to have her teeth cleaned. (Weak heart + anesthesia doesn't mix well.)

Please keep fingers and paws crossed. I can't imagine life without her.

Summer Solstice Sunday

Well, the weather is finally behaving like a summery June day should behave: blue skies, humid, and sunny. I wish my mood would match the weather outside, but it doesn’t. I’m more of a party sunny, cloudy mood today.

It doesn’t help that I have viral bronchitis and I worked and played hard yesterday, so I am paying for it today. I still managed to go outside for awhile and weed in the memory garden. With all the rain, it’s pretty hairy, but the lilies and snowballs are making me smile.

It’s been a challenging summer of growth and reconstruction—literally. I’m still clearing branches from tree trimming that occurred earlier this month and will be cleaning out and decorating the pond. We have a new solar pump and when the pond is cleaned out and refilled, it will be pretty again. Steve is going to help with the yard stuff once his online projects are completed.

Tonight Gus and I will be mowing. Home maintenance is not good for the social life, but I like the memory garden and will be excited to have family and friends over later this summer to enjoy it with me.

Also, I talked to my banker person and we’re going to score a home equity loan for the replacement roof that I have been obsessing over for awhile now. We have another roofing company to contact to get an estimate, and then we are going from there: house appraisal, then loan, then roofing.

Good times. I will definitely have wine on hand for the duration.
We want Project Roof to be completed by August or September.
After this ordeal is over, I would like to write about it and help other homeowners out.

Saturday, June 02, 2018

Saturday Chez Sigety

It's a quiet Saturday afternoon chez Sigety.
I'm curled up on a wicker couch on the front porch,
surrounded by books and comfy pillows.
Moshi is surveying the neighborhood from her cat perch.

The others are asleep in the cool house.
Cool because the ac was (finally) installed yesterday afternoon
after it croaked last Friday. Okay, it was 20+ years old, but the
timing... really? #adulting

The memory garden is a big, hot mess.
This is why I am on the front porch. I can't stand to look at it.
We are having a plethora of branches and trees removed. I am hoping
this will be completed tonight, so I can plant more flowers and
mow tomorrow.

We are getting our roof inspected again next week. Our neighborhood may
be turned into a historical area, and variances on house repairs will be difficult,
to say the least.
We are overdue for the repairs, but it's happening.

It's been a hectic but good week in libraryland. I drove home in two heavy rainstorms
last week. What's up with that? Our outreach paid off. On our kickoff day (Friday), we
had over 1,000 people visit the library. The rock wall was a huge hit
(I tried to scale it twice). I am now on a mission to scale it and hit the button. Maybe
I can be a rock wall groupie (follow the rock wall) this summer. LOL

Anyway, I'm staying on the porch, and getting a lot of reading and writing accomplished today.
I've earned it.

Have a good weekend!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Grief, In the Form of Marigolds

I took a respite from Monday,
as I recover from Sunday--
I am glad that Mother's Day is over.
I dislike Mother's Day.

I am the Ebeneezer Scrooge of Mother's Day.
I am the Grinch of Mother's Day,
and on that day,
until I take my last breath,
my heart remains two sizes too small.

I can't help it--
I've tried
to be
positive and reflective.

(As an aside,
even if I was a human mother,
I probably would feel the same way.)

I slept the morning away--
cried in the afternoon,
and gardened until evening.

My fingertips are sore
from digging in the dirt,
in the attempts to bury
some of the grief
in the form of Marigolds.

Mother's Day is a wound
that I mistakenly thought
that the busyness of life
could block out

(like a cheap band aid)

Until all of the advertisements
and storms (literally) and life stresses
ripped it open again--

exposing a fresh scar,
and, as grief often does,
stopping me in my tracks

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Pink Moon and New Beginnings

The last days of April are upon us; we are gifted tonight with a Pink Moon.

I almost forgot about it until a friend noted it on Facebook.
(Social networking can be used for good; this gives me hope. :))

It was also the first weekend that I was able to spend quality time on the front porch without
the possibility of catching frostbite. I felt the "swinter" in my bones this year, and my body feels older.

I am cautiously optimistic that winter is finally, finally, finally over.

Friday night my friends came over and spent quality time on the porch
and in the living room. I felt so comfortable (and was so tired) that I fell asleep on the antique couch on the porch.
The Sleeping Hostess.

I am utilizing the Pink Moon as a sign of good things to come.
I only came in from the front porch because a)I couldn't see the keys to type, and b)I have to go to bed soon
so I can have a good Monday tomorrow.

I wish you a pink, peaceful, happy moon week.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Reprise the Sunrise

I'm not going to jinx it. Spring-in-northern-Vitamin D-deficient-concrete sky-Indiana is among us.
One of the telltale signs is the loss of the hour we experienced on Sunday.
Spring forward, my foot.
I want my hour back. Yesterday.

The good news is that I get to experience the sunrise again on my way to the library.
Reprise the sunrise.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Snowmageddon Sunday and Other Musings


It's Snowmageddon 2018!
We were so spoiled last winter.
A balmy November 2017 should have been a foreshadowing for the winter of 2018.
This winter is taking no prisoners. Spring is going to be particularly sweet this year.
I'm going to start growing seeds soon. I really need to see green right now.
I'm grateful to have a plethora of plants
growing in the green room upstairs.

In other news, Steve and I left for IUPUI (my alma mater) for a Friday seminar.
The Humanities Council combined the concepts of Frankenstein with coding basics using Twine.
(My colleague received a grant this year and we are doing a Frankenstein program in October.)

Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure Series last century? (Yes, I'm dating myself.)
That's basically what Twine is.
It is an interactive fiction story for readers. Twine uses CSS, HTML, and Javascript to basically make the screen like a video game.
My first attempt was feeble, but I managed to use a couple of links and post an image.

The professor who flew up from Florida was brilliant. She knows my librarian friend in Florida. Small world.

I can hear the snow angel (Dean) blowing out our driveway and walks again. We're so grateful to have them (Dean and Laurel) in our lives.
More later... have a great week!

National Lampoon's Garden Adventures, and Last Thoughts on 46

Update on Sake Sakura: We will be making an appointment to get Sake's MRI. It's been really hot and our schedules have been nuts,...