Monday, March 12, 2018

Reprise the Sunrise

I'm not going to jinx it. Spring-in-northern-Vitamin D-deficient-concrete sky-Indiana is among us.
One of the telltale signs is the loss of the hour we experienced on Sunday.
Spring forward, my foot.
I want my hour back. Yesterday.

The good news is that I get to experience the sunrise again on my way to the library.
Reprise the sunrise.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Snowmageddon Sunday and Other Musings


It's Snowmageddon 2018!
We were so spoiled last winter.
A balmy November 2017 should have been a foreshadowing for the winter of 2018.
This winter is taking no prisoners. Spring is going to be particularly sweet this year.
I'm going to start growing seeds soon. I really need to see green right now.
I'm grateful to have a plethora of plants
growing in the green room upstairs.

In other news, Steve and I left for IUPUI (my alma mater) for a Friday seminar.
The Humanities Council combined the concepts of Frankenstein with coding basics using Twine.
(My colleague received a grant this year and we are doing a Frankenstein program in October.)

Remember the Choose Your Own Adventure Series last century? (Yes, I'm dating myself.)
That's basically what Twine is.
It is an interactive fiction story for readers. Twine uses CSS, HTML, and Javascript to basically make the screen like a video game.
My first attempt was feeble, but I managed to use a couple of links and post an image.

The professor who flew up from Florida was brilliant. She knows my librarian friend in Florida. Small world.

I can hear the snow angel (Dean) blowing out our driveway and walks again. We're so grateful to have them (Dean and Laurel) in our lives.
More later... have a great week!

Friday, February 02, 2018


And the sun rises again.
I snapped this photo as Steve was driving me to Nappanee for work.

The roads were icy, and I was exhausted.
I was afraid I would fall asleep at the wheel.

You would never know that three days ago, I was afraid I would lose Steve.

If you have been on Facebook, you knew that we went to the ER on Tuesday.
Steve experienced pressure in his chest after exercise.

When you're forty-something, you don't mess around.
Our family physician agreed.

We entered the ER expecting Steve to pass all the tests with flying colors, but no, the x-rays showed
something weird, so Steve was sequestered to a hospital bed and subjected to all sorts
of post-modern medical procedures.

He stayed overnight at the hospital. I spent the first night alone with the cats in over a year.
I hated every second of it.

On Thursday, Steve was released after getting the all-clear. We find out more next week with a follow-up.

I am grateful he is okay.
I can breathe again.

And the sun rises again.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Perfectly Imperfect: Manic Monday and Mismatched Socks Monday.
Oxymoron, I know, right???

Well... I have a secret. At the library, when I am not at a service desk, I take my sassy black boots off and fling them under the desk. I either wear my socks or my slippers. At lunch, my slippers and boots were at large, and I looked at my socks. I was perfectly mismatched---one blue sock and one black sock. Fortunately, I was dressed in shades of blue, navy, and black, so it actually worked out okay...

And still laughed at myself.
It's taken a long time for this recovering perfectionist to do so. On a different note, I promoted the Winter Reading Challenge like a boss today.
That's what matters. :)
Have a good night! Xoxo

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Happy New Year!

(Photo through an ice-covered window.)


Hope you enjoyed the first week of 2018!

I admit, it's been a little rough here with a sinus infection that wants to hang on and bitterly cold weather temperatures that makes commuting dicey.

Despite the cold, the winter sunrises and sunsets on my daily commutes have been spectacular. Like life, winter is difficult, but also beautiful.

Besides momentary crankiness, there's a lot to be grateful for-- electricity, a warm house, plenty to eat, and the love of fur children, friends, and family.

Have a good Sunday. Don't forget self-care. Do what you need to do to recharge for the upcoming week: cuddle with a companion, extra sleep, make a healthy meal,play in the snow (or sand, for my warm-weather readers), read, watch a fun movie, work out, and/or write.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Last Post of 2017


I wanted to write and wish you a Happy New Year's Eve!
This year has been exciting, interesting, and a little sad. I have a feeling that 2018 is going to be so much better.
I am looking forward to spending more time with loved ones, getting fit, and writing more. Those are my three main goals for 2018. (I'm not a fan of resolutions---seems like a set-up to fail.)

Have a wonderful and safe evening! See you next year. ;)

Much Love to You and Yours,


Next to Last Post of 2017

I was supposed to blog about my amazing Saturday in early December, but didn't get around to it until now. I guess better late than never!
The biggest news of the year is that I landed a new gig at the Nappanee Public Library as the Youth Services Manager. I am working for--and with--a great community and wonderful staff. My colleagues and directors have been kind and supportive even when I have made mistakes. I am much less fearful and so grateful.

On Saturday, December 3, I woke up super early to go on a local TV station (WSBT 22) to promote a teen program at NPL. Talk about hitting the floor running! So, my assistant director picks me up, happy and smiling as always, and we drive to the station. The new station is gorgeous! Fortunately, there were two distractions that kept me from getting too jittery: the featured kitty from the local shelter, and watching the professional journalist navigating the show in super high heels and not tripping. (I would have been on the floor in three steps.)

Here is the link:

It was a fast and fun segment.

Forward to 6:00 p.m. at the library. Steve took me to the library and was the photographer in the crowds. Five or six of us were marching in the parade in downtown Nappanee. Thank goodness the balmy weather held out! I was Marshall the Dog from PBS. The costume was difficult because I really couldn't see that well and it was dark. Fortunately, my trusty handlers did not let me fall, and it was neat to hear everyone in the distance and close-up. It made me happy to make kids and their families happy on a December Saturday evening.

Will add pictures later... need to post one more blog before 2018!


Thursday, November 30, 2017



It's the last day of November. With the exception of an amazing cruise in 2015, this November has probably been the fastest month I've experienced in a long time. I'm in a really good place with this new library position. I'm glad to have taken the leap into the unknown, but in my heart I knew everything was going to be okay. Thank you for reading this post, and for your continued support.

There is also something that has been weighing on me for awhile, especially with the recent reports and firings of prominent people in business, Hollywood, journalism, and politics. It's getting harder for me to turn on the news, because my stomach starts to turn with all the reports.

What is it about the workplace that makes people act crazy? I am so frustrated at executives for allowing such hurtful behavior to continue. Leaders need to be responsible, too. If your staff is hurting one another and you are letting it happen, you are as culpable as the offenders.

I'm sick of the incivility in our North American culture. I'm glad that (finally) people in power are being tossed off of their proverbial high-horses. Assaults, bullying, harassment, and incivility in-and-out of the workplace needs to stop. I can relate to this, because I am still recovering from incidents of incivility at my former place of employment.

I won't go into details here, but thank God I had the education, experience, and references to leave before the incivility consumed me, and I landed in a much better place.

My current happiness and success is the best revenge. Karma will take care of the rest.

Have a good night.

Reprise the Sunrise

I'm not going to jinx it. Spring-in-northern-Vitamin D-deficient-concrete sky-Indiana is among us. One of the telltale signs is the ...